Gods and Faiths

Gods and Faiths

Along the Veridian Coast, a number of faiths and pantheons exist. Each dedicated to certain values and goals. Chief among them are the Deities of the Last Twilight, a group of deities who, in theory, worked to protect the mortal coil from extra-planar threats. However, these powerful beings spend more time fighting amongst themselves by mortal proxies than against the horrors of the Far Realm or the Elemental Chaos.

Oldest and Wisest among the Gods is Odin, the Allfather. His power is considered supreme against the lesser deities. Over the generations, Odin has held the position of highest among the Pantheon, despite attempts by Benyar, Set, and Duraga to overthrow him. The Greater Pantheon is made up of several smaller ones, that share common goals

The Paragons

Members: Benyar*, Lathander, Luvia, Moradin, Nephtys, Zelaur

h5.Domains: Freedom, Civilization, Protection, Justice

Dedicated to the protection and guidance of Mortals, The Paragons are one of the newer Divine Cabals. Their power expanded in 3516 ATP with the rise of Caria. Originally, the Paragons were lead by Benyar, but now Zelaur heads the group. *Benyar is dead

Lawful Good Demigod, Formerly Lawful Good Greater God
Gender: Male
Mantle: Empires (formerly)
Domains(former): Civilization, Justice, Protection
Domains(current): Vengeance, Death, Justice

Benyar was once the God of Empires, and among the most powerful deities. His status as the Emperor of Jhovan and protector of its realm went undisputed since the War of Shooting Stars. However, he was slain by his Exarch, the Silver Lady. As she has assumed his power, he was thought to be dead. However, he was recently reincarnated as a Shadar’kai. He is currently one of the bearers of the Fragments of Death. As a demigod, the few followers who still give him worship have again received divine reward from their faith, as priests of vengeance.

Lawful Good God
Gender: Male
Mantle: The Sun
Domains: Civilization, Justice, Sun

Lathander, the keeper of the Sun is among the most well known gods. His light shines over the world every day. He is worshiped primarily by Carians who seek his blessings when crossing the deserts of their kingdom. He has a sizable following among sailors, who pray to him for clear and sunny skies. As a member of the Paragons, he seeks to shelter his followers from the onslaught caused by the Jhovan Crusade. Many militant clergy of Lathandar are known as the Dawnbringers, who seek out undead blights and wipe them out. This has made Lathandar popular among the Elves, who recently fought a war against an army of undead.

Lawful Good Lesser Goddess
Gender: Female
Mantle: Justice
Domains: Civilization, Justice, Knowledge

Luvia, the Blind Goddess. Keeper of the Scales of Truth. Luvia’s priest serve as Judges across the Land and are welcome almost anywhere. Many of her followers willingly remove one or both of their eyes. Though her followers are few, they are a powerful force in the world. Followers of Luvia will never wipe out the last of something, as it disrupts the balance of the Scales. Luvia’s followers have been on the decline for many years. Many clerics of Luvia walk the path of the Pacifist Healer, choosing to weaken foes instead of smiting them.

Lawful Good Lesser God
Gender: Male
Mantle: Smithing
Domains: Creation, Protection, Earth

Moradin, protector of the Dwarves, was once a greater god. However, after the Reign of the Golden Shield Clan ended and the Dwarf civilization split, his power has waned. It recent years, he has gained followers among the smiths of the world, preventing him from becoming a minor god and perhaps seeing him return to the status of a Major or Greater God. Moradin’s clergy typically take axes and hammers into melee combat.

Good God
Gender: Female
Mantle: Wealth
Domains: Civilization, Luck, Earth

The God of Wealth is not the Goddess of Greed, as some of her opponents would represent her. She is as much a god of charity and legacies as she is the god of profit and capitalism. Her role in the Paragons is that of negotiator between the Gods, working to keep the others of the Cabal working on the same goals. Followers of Nephtys will attempt to resolve conflicts peacefully, when possible. They are merciless to enemies who refuse peace.

Good Greater God
Gender: Female
Mantle: Honor
Domains: Justice, Protection, Skill

Zelaur, the Goddess of Honor, is worshiped heavily by the Carian Nobility and the Carian citizenry at large. Zelaur’s priests preach honor in all things: business, combat, family life, politics and worship. She is seen as the leader of the Paragons and the figurehead deity of the Alliance Nations. Followers of Zelaur frequently engage in close combat. Many are trained in the use of broadswords and scimitars.

Nos Asgard

Members Odin, Thor, Pangrus, Shona, Aknar, Druaga

Domains: Change, Freedom, Fate, War

Nos Asgard, is the name pact between several gods that predated the Pax Twilight. It’s members have nominally agreed to noninterference in each others affairs and cooperation in the event of an external threat. However, only Shona, Thor and Pangrus really hold to his. Aknar and Druaga have both been seeking to undermine the others, particularly Odin who leads not only the Nos Asgardian gods, but the whole Pantheon under the Pax Twilight.

Unaligned Greater God
Gender: Male
Mantle: Fate
Domains:Fate, Knowledge, War

Odin is the oldest and most powerful deity. He looks at existence as a long, drawn out war. He rules the Pantheon by the Codes of the Pax. His worshipers are not directly many, however in desperate times, prayers to Odin are made by anyone. He implores his followers to struggle in all things, so that they may grow strong. Thus, followers of the One-eyed God are commonly politicians, judges, generals, physicians, and any number of difficult jobs. While followers of Odin will use healing abilities in battle. Once the fighting has stopped, they will use no magic to see to their allies needs. Only mundane skills. This may be broken in dire times, but Odin looks unfavorably on it.

Good Greater God
Gender: Male
Mantle: War
Domains: Storms, Strength, War

Thor, son of Odin, is the strongest of all Gods laying claim to the Domains of War. He is a peerless warrior who asks that his warriors be strive to match him. Nominally, he is an independent greater God. However, he frequently follows the requests of his father and serves as his enforcer. He is the most popular god in Narciss, where he is seen as the Patron god of those who earn what is there through struggle. His priests rise with the Sun, and bang their warhammers against shields and armor to let the Day know that the followers of Thor stand ready. Paladins of Thor are typically known as the Jotenslayers, who train each day to fight against Giants.

Lesser Good God
Gender: Male
Mantle: Brotherhood
Domains: Luck, Skill, War

Pangrus, the Gnomish God of War, is among the most worshiped Gods of the Gnomes and the Patron God of the Wump Empire. He promotes a strategy of War through wit. A battle won because it never happened is still a victory just as much as a whole slaughter. The “Priests” of Pangrus are more likely to be Bards who spread the word of Pangrus than to be traditional clerics. Though Pangrus has many Paladins in his service, called Gnome Titans by most.

Unaligned God
Gender: Female
Mantle: Skill
Domains: Change, Luck, Skill

Shona is the God of skill and the Master of Games. Gamblers, Gladiators, and Politicians pray to her for the luck to find success. Priests of Shona oversee contests across the world. In ancient times, Shona was the chief god of the Elves, but many have moved on to worship other deities. Today, many Halflings pray to Shona. If given the chance, a Priest of Shona will uphold strict rules when engaging a foe as the make the fight fair.

Unaligned Lesser God
Gender: Male
Mantle: Wolves
Domains: Freedom, Change, Wilderness

Aknar is the youngest deities of the Nos Asgard coalition. He is the patron God of Lycanthropes, shifters, and hunters. Many of the Shamans of Wraithwood give offerings to Aknar in order to bless their warriors. His word is that change should not be a constant in the world, both within and without. His followers impose their will on themselves and the world around it. Many followers of other deities see Aknar and his followers as wild dogs, destroying that which offends them and not creating a replacing structure.

Evil Greater God
Gender: Male
Mantle: Contracts
Domains: Torment, Trickery, Tyranny

Gods and Faiths

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