The Supporting Cast

The Supporting Cast

The Sanctuary

Elder Voran
Race: Virian’haad
Role: High Priest of Hokalas, Druid, Elder of the Sanctuary

Elder Voran is one of the Virian’haad, a suspicious and powerful race of magic users. He leads the minority of followers of Hokalas. He is a powerful druid who leads the temple with is generations of wisdom. As one of the three Elders, he is perhaps the most moderate. Though he can be harsh, he is also the most willing to accept help when it is needed.

Elder Ganus
Race: Viran’haad
Role: Exarch of Hateful Vengeance, Elder of the Sanctuary

Elder Ganus is among the most powerful followers of the Cult of Malice, a Virian’haad religious sect that preaches the “Liberation” of the followers of Gods, so that the gods will die. Though not evil, his values clash with many outsiders. He has a great respect for those who do valiant battle against impossible odds. He is one of the party’s harshest critics, and among their closest allies.

Elder Zazzil
Race: Virian’haad
Role: Patrori Arcanis, Elder of the Sanctuary

The Arcanis, or the Arcane Order, is among the oldest of Virian’haad military traditions. As a Patrori, he instructs the elite mages of the Sanctuary in learning the arts of war. His teaching regimes are strict, but he seems fairly polite in person. His magical abilities are among the best in the world, likely stronger than any mage on the Mortal Coil.

Race: Elf
Role: Blacksmith, Enchanter

Gautier is a Elven smith of the highest order. He has honed his craft to perfection and can make almost anything given time. He offers his services to the party in exchange for a roof over his head. He in his smithy, which has grown into its own building.

Race: Tiefling
Role: Paladin of Hokalas

A plane-lost servant of Hokalas, Barakas has become the defender of the Ancient Temple of Hokalas. He works directly for Elder Voran and has an antagonistic relationship with Elder Ganus. Unlike the Travelers, he did not receive an Arcane Rune from the Bone Witch. He is a skilled warrior who combines his innate Infernal abilities and his dedication to the Rift-master to face all challenges.

Race: Virian’haad
Role: Disciple of Rage

Qin’haed is among the priests of the Cult of Malice, travelling into the world and spreading hatred and rage where he goes. His hate is strong enough to manifest as divine abilities, which he uses to not only smite foes, but to channel his malice into his allies.

The Gnomish Empire

Marquise Nalgax
Race: Gnome
Role: Leader of Clan Nalgax, Marquise of Riverborrow

The head of Clan Nalgax, the Marquise is the leader of Riverborrow and a powerful seer. Thanks to visions from his ancestors, he is able to protect and guide Riverborrow. Since the party’s arrival on the Feywild, he has been their closest ally. He seeks to gather weapons to stop Ablorin’s forces from overtaking his people. Like all members of Clan Nalgax, he is part of the Pact of the Old Blood, a communal pact with the spirits of all his ancestors.

Duke Daveed Talim
Race: Gnome
Role: Noble ruler of Talimport

Duke Daveed is a free-holding lord in the Empire, one of only a few. He is the ruler of the city of Talimport, which deals with trade from over, and in the sea. He runs Talimport like a business, and allows temple’s to other gods (besides Pangrus) to be built, though the Temple to the Protector of Gnomes is the largest.

The Stygian Passover

Race: Lich (Elf)
Role: Master of the Staff of Caiphon, Lord of the Lifebane Tower, Bane of the Virian’haad

Ablorin is a Elf Lich who sold his soul in life to countless demons, devils, and Evil Gods. His eternal foes, the Virian’haad, seek to prevent him from exacting vengeance. To avoid having is soul divided up like loot, he became a Lich. He sold his Phylactery to Durga in exchange for Durga’s protection against his debtors. However, the first time he must reconstitute a physical body after being slain, his will shall become bound to Durga.

Diana Fuselighter
Race: Gnome
Role: Cultist of the Silver Lady, Avatar of Death

Diana Fuselighter sought out Frohike because of their shared Clanname, but she was later revealed to be the leader of a graverobbing cult of the Silver Lady in Talimport. When the battle began to turn against her, she used the Mantle to both take the souls of her followers and escape. She is currently being hunted by the Shadar’kai of Benyar.

Race: Shadar’kai
Role: Dead God of Empires, Avatar of Death

Benyar, or rather the Shadar’kai (or walking dream) of Benyar, is a pale gaunt figure who wields a golden sword wreathed in flames. He has been seen hunting followers of the Silver Lady across Galiwood. He allied with the Travellers after a brief fight with Qin’haed. Now, the Dead God is working with the Disciple of Hatred to hunt Diana Fuselighter. He later pursued Garrith with the intent to kill him, however the Wizard managed to convince him that he would be no better than the Silver Lady.

The Mortal Coil

Archmage Garrith
Race: Human
Role: Court mage to King Sean of the Gem, Avatar of Death

The Misanthropic wizard in the service to the Thane, he is the current owner of the Wandering Tower and has served as an abrasive ally in the Traveler’s efforts so far. He is quick to seek glory, but can focus on the mission. He is illusive on many things, and is clearly keeping secrets. He joins with the Travelers to face Sahazad, a Genasi mercenary working for Diana Fuselighter. After the Battle of the Green Ruins, Benyar reveals that he is carrying a piece of the Mantle of Death.

Duren Kateral
Race: Human
Role: Captain of the Ember Claws

The enigmatic Duren Kateral is a famous war hero from Narciss and one of the central figures of the Alliance following the Carian Revolt and the treachery of Count deAsteria (now Lord Marshal of the Crusade). He wears an ornate green cloak with weaponry. He stole a map from the party in order to get a greater understanding of the Feywild, and returned it along with an Arcane Rune. He is looking for the Mantle for an unknown reason.

Thane Sean Ironhammer
Race: Dwarf
Role: King of the Gem, High Priest of Thor

The King of the Restored Dwarven Kingdom of Gem is a an honorable warrior and ruler. His dedication to Thor and the Ember Claws lead him into death’s maw many times. Yet, with each survival, he gained more skill and prestige. Upon the defeat of Donnerwing, the Blue Dragon who sought Albion, the leaders of the Alliance honored him with a restored Dwarven Kingdom. As the Thane of this new Kingdom, he leads his people with wisdom and justice. Never one to turn away an ally and always willing to smite worthy foes, his kingdom his prospered. He is assisted by the wizard Garrith, Daspien the Spymaster, and the enigmatic warrior El.

4. The Feywild

Race: Bugbear
Role: Gladiator

Tagon was a weak bugbear gladiator who became enhanced through the use of The Strength, one of the Arcane Runes. Tagon became addicted to the power and sought to gather more. He was overtaken by a blood rage after encountering Liam in the Pit. His rampage left twenty gnomes dead, and maimed several more. After he was slain, his Rune disconnected from his armor. It is unknown how he acquired the Rune.

Wyldprince Ephilix
Race: Unknown
Role: Wyldprince

One of the Wyldprinces, powerful beings filled with the raw magic of the Ley Lines. He desires the Arcane Runes for himself, claiming that they are his property. He sent Eladrin to reclaim them from the party, but they were forced to retreat due to superior tactics.


Vincent Ganashk
Race: Half-Orc
Role: Merchant, land owner

Vincent is a half-orc who trades between the Feywild and the Mortal Coil through the use of Horizon’s planar overlay. Originally, he served as an ambassador between the various tribes of the Wilds before becoming a Merchant. He deals primarily in crops, but also trades firs between worlds. His Pass between the two sides of Horizon was stolen by Redcaps, but returned by the Travelers. He has put money towards building a shrine to their Gods.

Race: Genasi
Role: Master of the Horizon

The profit focused Undiar is a watersoul Genasi from the Wilds. He is a shrewd businessman who looks to expand the Genasi influence. Though initially hostile, he has proven to work for and pay the Travelers.

The Supporting Cast

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