The Races

The Veridian Coast is home to many races today. Originally, Viria was home to only a few races. Among these were the Elves, Goblinoids, Virian’haad, Minotaurs, and Dwarves. However, that has expanded over time.

The Players Handbook 1 Races

A race once held in high esteem and rulers of massive kingdom. Today, they are a people in diaspora. Their ancient empire, under the rule of the Kings of the Golden Shield Tribe, was destroyed by the Virian’haad. Dwarven holds still exist in the Azure Range Mountains of the West, and in the Ashtops in the East. However, a new Dwarven Kingdom, the Kingdom of Gem, has been established under the rule of King Sean Ironhammer.

The Eladrin are not a breeding race. Eladrin, at least those of the Mortal Coil, are born as Elves. An Elf of certain qualification may be offered the chance to become an Eladrin and undergo the Feybinding Ritual, which imbues them with the ability to understand magical flow. Most Eladrin serve in the Elven Host, however a fair number of them travel elsewhere. Eladrin parents give birth to Elves (or half-elf if the parent is human).

Most humans assume that the Elves descended from the Virian’haad, however, the Elves came first. It is said that the remaining Haad interbred with Elves of Galiwood to create Elves after their kingdom was destroyed, however the Virian’haad died out on the Mortal Coil several generations ago. The Elves were once locked in an ancient blood feud, which ended within the last 100 years. Elves hail from either side of the Blood Feud, which are now allied. Some hail from Calcutpurse, an island kingdom somewhere on the Sea.

Humans are among the immigrant races the Viria. Explorers from far off kingdoms sought trade with the races of Viria, particularly the Dwarves and Virian’haad. Overtime, independent nations formed from what was once trading colonies. Today, the humans are the most common race by population and make up a significant portion of Caria, Jhovan, Narsiss, and Ramtheon

A breeding of a human and an elf. In Galihadran Society, Half-elves cannot inherit titles or own land, regardless of the standing of their elf parent. They are typically seen as lower class than their families, many of them shamed into leaving by their kin.

Another immigrant race who fled from a war-torn and impoverished homeland. Their original name has been lost to history. They settled what is today known as Caria, and were seen as lower than the human traders of the region. Traders and nomads, they were treated as second-class citizens and often enslaved by the Carians. Their modern name, Halfling, comes from this period. Today, they have spread out around the world as traders and merchants.

The Dragnborn of Kaldack are among the most secluded races in the world. Their homeland is small and mountainous and they have hidden from the world stage for as long as anyone has known. However, they have recently begun to trade with Duke Wilhelm von Harloc of the Ramtheon Duchy. They are a strong willed people who put great passion into all they do.

The Tieflings are a race that were once humans. They came from the Molesh, an oppressive empire ruled by evil sorcerers. These rulers placed a curse on their people called the Mark of Tief. Those who leave the boarders of their nation are transformed by the curse into demonic humanoids. They are traditionally met with suspicion, though an enclave of Tieflings does exist in Wump.

The Player’s Handbook 2 Races

Known as the tears of the gods, Devas were originally those divine beings whose power waned during the time of Ragnarok. They are doomed to travel the world for eternity, being reborn after each death. Many Devas serve the various faiths of the world, as if called by their origin.

The Gnomes are among the most curious races. As far as most are concerned(even the Gnomes themselves), the Gnomes are among the oldest native races of Viria. Their historical texts speak of an ancient Empire of a hundred cities, however, today the Gnomish Empire consists of one city, the Imperial Capital of Wump and small communities in the Ashtop Mountains. The recent journey to the Feywild by a group of plane-lost mercenaries discovered the Gnomish Empire exists as a major power on the Feywild.

Called Giant-kin by many, the Goliaths’ origins are a mystery to even the oldest of tribes. Some claim they are more akin to the Dwarves and others say they are cousins to humanity. Regardless, this hardy people lives amongst the northern tundras of the Wilds. The tribes frequently trade with the other people of the Wilds, particularly the Genasi.

The Barbarian Tribes of the Wilds frequently war, ally and even merge. Overtime, some Orc Tribes and human tribes have intermingled. The results of the Barbaric Cycle are half-orcs. The Children of Men and Orcs. The Half-orcs are strong and cunning folk who have spread across Viria. They are met with mixed reactions by many, however they are valued for their skills.

A native race of the Feywild, but occasionally found in the Wilds of northern Viria. They are blessed with animal spirits carried through their bloodlines. Each shifter tribe is nomadic and their customs dictate that they shall not spill blood, nor take the hunt, of other Shifters. When two tribes discover each other, a duel between the Tribe’s representative champions determines who shall hunt and who shall leave. If the wining champion is victorious by slaying the other champion, he has disgraces his clan, which will forfeit the ground and leave. All shifters adventure on their own when they come of age. The shaman will bless them with the Spirit of the Wanderer, which will fill them until they accomplish something worthy of the Spirits’ blessing. At which point, they will return to their kin.

Player’s Handbook 3 Races

Formerly ancient slaves of the Illithid, they developed a resistance to the Mind Flayers’ psychic control. After earning their freedom, the slaves split into Githyanki and Githzerai. The more militant Githyanki wander the Astral Sea destroying potential threats. The Githzerai however, sought to gain peace and discipline over their mind’s and bodies. Normally, the Githzerai live in hidden monasteries across the planes. Normally a reclusive race, sometimes a cause will cause one or more Githzerai to travel forth into the world.

A race native of the Southern regions of the August Plains of Ramtheon, the Minotaurs are a powerful, but secluded race. Minotaurs seek the peace of family life, living with their extended families and only meeting other groups to breed, as has been tradition for centuries. Their strong bodies made them the target of slavers, who would sell them in Ramtheon, Caria, and Windharth(though Caria and Ramtheon have now banned the practice, the sale of Minotaurs has become common in Jhovan). These slaves will become driven into a rage after a time, that can only be ended by finding their families. If they cannot, they seek the dark and secluded depths where they can be in solitude and are driven to madness. Many freed slaves will find something to occupy their need for a family, working for a community or as adventurers.

It is said that in time long forgotten, a Gate of living Crystal held back the corrupting power of the Far Realm. It is unknown how, but during the War of Shooting Stars this Gate was forever destroyed, fragments fell across the Planes. These are the Shardmind, the living remains of the destroyed Gate.

Gnomish Scholars trace the first Wilden back to the Virian’haad’s war against the Elves of the Feywild. When Virian’haad use their powerful magic to twist the land, the land responded by creating a new lifeform, the Wilden. Typically appearing when the natural world is in great distress, they take a number of forms in order to fill their role as nature’s protectors.

Other Races

An offshoot of the Elves, the Drow were long cast into the dark places of the world for waging war against their own kind. Their queen, Lloth, was transformed into a deity by her people’s mad faith in her. Few Drow show any redeemable qualities and are mistrusted by surfacers. The Narian Alliance has a policy of sponsorship concerning Drow. If a citizen of an Alliance Nation vouches for the upright nature of the Drow, then the Drow is allowed to roam free. If the Drow commits are crime, then both are held responsible.

The origins of the Elemental Genasi are a mystery to even the most dedicated scholars. Most theorize that they are an off-shoot of humans or elves affected by the event that wiped out by the Virian’haad. Some theorize that they are an offshoot of the Virian’haad. According to the Genasi, both theories are true. Imbued with chaotic elemental power, the Genasi fled to the north when the Veridian Kingdom sank into the sea. There, the refugees of many races were transformed by wild magic. Today, they live in seclusion on the most hidden regions of the Wilds.

The Gnolls are among the native races of Viria. They are a blight upon the land and its people. The Gnolls gather in Packs, which go forth and hunt for the flesh of men. They will hunt and raid until they are wiped out by a force large enough to defeat them, or their pack grows until in fighting consumes it. This Cycle is called the Hunger. Despite several crusades against their kind, they have never been completely wiped out. Some Gnolls do not feel the Hunger and are typically killed or flee into exile.

The Races

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