The Nations of the Ramtheon Expanse

The Ramtheon Expanse

A region with a rich history, the Expanse is larger and often considered less sophisticated than the Jhovan Peninsula, though the Gnomes of Wump and Nobility of Caria would disagree. The rolling hills and deep forests are home to several smaller kingdoms, the largest being the Ramtheon Duchy and the Oldest being the Kingdom of Caria (the Gnomes claim Wump is far older than Caria, but there is little evidence to support their claims).


Like Jhovan, Caria is an old human Kingdom established by ruling nobles. However, Caria traces its rise to the period of time following the Reckoning. Originally ruled by powerful merchant lords which today makes up the Carian Aristocracy, today the Queen Sovereign rules the Kingdom along side a coalition of the aristocrats. The position of the Sovereign dates back to 3118 ATP, when the deCaria family established the settlement of Alexandras. Since then, the capital has moved to Luminar, home to the famous Waterfall Keep. Caria was once close with the Ramtheon Duchy, but relations cooled after Caria entered into the Alliance with Narciss.


Home of the Dragonborn, Kaldac is a surrounded by ocean or mountains on all sides. The far peaks of the Ashtops cut off most overland travel into the region. The Dragonborn of this land live in tribes, which are governed by complex traditions and rituals. They have rarely traded with other lands, however Duke Ulric von Harloc has established a trade agreement with many of the Tribes.


Once known as the Ramethoen Frontier, today, Narsiss is a small republic made up of framers, craftsmen, and merchants. It was established by Sir Richard the Grand, leader of the Order of Emberclaw, famous dragon slayers. However, after his exile from the Duchy, it became the land of the Narcissists. The Narsians are a hearty people who have faced much hardship, include a war against the Duchy. Today, the Commerce Minister is the central figure in the Parliament. Duren Kateral, leader of the Ember Claws mercenary company is the central military figure of the Republic.

Rametheon Duchy

Once known as the Land of the Ram, it was home to barbarian tribes who hunted the August Plains. It was conquered by Darrek deTheos, the bastard son of King Odo deCaria, whose wife was infertile, and thus had two sons by concubines. While Darrek spent much of his life expanding his father’s realm, his half brother Fernadis deCaleen grew up around the politicians, courtiers, and diplomats in court. When Odo deCaria was near the end of his days, he split his Kingdom, declaring Fernadis King of Caria and Darrek Duke of Rametheon. The relationship between the two was one of cooperation that did not change for over a thousand years.

Twenty years ago, the line of the Darrek the Ram ended when William Rametheon I and II were killed in battle against the Narsian Alliance. After twenty years of decomposition as the nobles tried to maintain order, Sir Ulric von Harloc returned with labor from Kaldac and begun construction of new guarded roads for merchants to travel on. He was crowed Duke of Rametheon five years ago.


The Wraithwood is among the most infamous places on Viria. Myth speaks of evil spirits kept locked in the ancient forest and of the jailers of those spirits, a tribe of feral elves known as the Wraithwood Tribe.


Capital of a long forgotten Empire, Wump is a technological and arcane wonder. The Wizards and Artificers of the Empire have created a Fortress city over the centuries. The Gnomes have long been considered to be one of the major players in the region. The Imperial Forces of Wump, while lacking the numerical superiority of other armies, it has a high number of Battle Mages and siege weapons.

The Nations of the Ramtheon Expanse

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