The Nations of the Jhovan Peninsula

The Jhovan Peninsula

The western third of the Veridian Coast consists of a long stretch of land roughly 1250 miles wide at the center and 34,000 Miles long. The northern edges of the Peninsula is twice as wide as the most southern regions. It is home to several powerful nations, as well as several small independent city states in a region known as the Land of Quiet Winds.

Azure Hall

Home to the stoic Dwarves, the Azure Hall stands as the gate between the Azure Mountain Range and the rest of the Peninsula, particularly the swamps of the Northern Mires. The Azure Range are home to Troglodytes, Lizardfolk, Giants, Kobolds, and even dragons. The Dwarves of the Hall live in a state of constant warfare. Their warriors train in the night, from moon up til Sunrise in order to be prepared for the worst. The armor of the Azure Hall is considered the best in the World, though getting an Azure Dwarf to make it for another race is difficult.

The Elven Host

Today, the Lands of the Mires and Galihadras stand united. However, that was not always the case. The Elves of Galihadras were once servants of the Virian’haad. These High Elves live amongst the ruins of their ancient masters, the city of Galihadras. For thousands of years, they warred with the Elves of the Mire, whom were predominately worshipers of the Natural World. This feud ended in the last 100 years. When faced with the threat of the Undead Hordes in the service of Set, the Elves united. The Elven Host is the joint military, separate from both the Mire and Galihadras government. However, many outsiders consider both Elven nations to be one under the Host’s rule.

The Jhovan Empire

Jhovan considered to be one of the oldest Kingdoms on Viria. It originates as the Kingdom of Jho, which existed in the time of the Virian’haad. The Kings of Jho did all they could to resist Virian’haad occupation, but were eventually taken over. After the Reckoning, the humans once again began to expand their influence. King Nicos Jho became a devout worshiper of Benyar and declared that though he was King, Benyar was the true ruler of their Kingdom, the Emperor. Thus the Kingdom of Jho became the Jhovan Empire, built by the line of Jho in the name of Benyar. Though the King’s line has died out, the Imperial Patriarch has ruled as steward of the Empire. When Benyar was slain, Patriarch Bolivar the Orator, 78th Patriarch of Jhovan converted to the worship of the Silver Lady.

Land of Quiet Winds

The Lands between Jhovan and the Host are known as the Land of Quiet Winds. The rolling hills of the plains are crossed with several streams and rivers, chief among them the Cyanspear, which runs from the Elven town of Arieglynn into the Jhovan capital. Farms dot the land, and towns that serve as trading hubs follow the rivers and lakes of the region. There is no centralized government, with each town seeing to its own governance and protection. Goblins are a frequent problem, and Gnolls from up north will occasionally raid towns.


Discovered by religious pilgrims exiled form Jhovan, Windhearth is believed to have been a temple built by the Dwarves, the massive temple complex consists entirely of buildings and roads covered with gold. The has expanded greatly since its discovery, with only the oldest areas being gilded. Twenty years ago, the Carians invaded Windhearth after terrorists detonated a magical explosive device in the Noble Quarter of the city. The leader of the Carian occupation force killed the Queen’s servitors who were traveling with him and declared himself an ally of Jhovan. Windhearth’s once free and open markets are patrolled by the Marshal’s soldiers. The new military dictatorship keeps a strict control on the economy of the Gilded City.

The Nations of the Jhovan Peninsula

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