The Hallowed of Night


The Hallowed of Night were followers of Set, God of Night and Secrets based in Windhearth. They sought to fulfill a Prophecy known as the Hollow Darkness, in which a Great Plague would end all life that did not submit to the Night’s Power. They were once lead by Lord Linus Gavel.



Founded in ATP 5140, the Hallowed of Night were a group of dissatisfied merchant-class members who had taken up the worship of Set. Most of their members were humans of Jhvoan ancestry who gave up offerings to Set in exchange for the secrets of their enemies. Using this, the Hallowed of Night gained vast influence in the markets of Windhearth. By 5165, they had removed the Granite Axe Gang from power in East Vale (thus forcing them into Shaletown and into competition with the Dess Crime Family for control of the Ward). In 8170, Linus Gavel rose to the rank of Merchant Lord and held a seat on the Council of Merchants. It was at this time, that the Hallowed entered conflict with the Twelve Houses.

The Prophecy

During their cold war against the Twelve Houses, they discovered a lost Prophecy left by the Gold Shield Clan. The Prophecy proclaimed that two artifacts would bring Eternal Darkness to the World. The first was known as the Oath Bringer, a corrupted sword of Benyar wielded by his Champion amongst the Dwarves. The Second was known only the Scythe of Rending Earth. With these two artifacts, Eternal Night would come and Darkness would consume all souls. They discovered the location of the Oath Bringer, but could not move it due to the vile host Spirit within the Sword.


The Hallowed of Night

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