The Five Blades

The Five Blades

The Player Characters:

Auvyir Feybane
Race: Elf
Class: Wizard
Auyvir Feybane, the eldest son of Lord Feybane. Like his father, he is a battle mage and fought in the Bloodwar. However, he struck out on his own seeking the hone his skills against more than fellow elves. He catches word of Rosalina’s crusade against the Hallowed of Night and travels to Windhearth in order to join her quest.

Rosalina deNias
race: Human
Class: Cleric
A priestess of Zennith, the God of Honour and Glory. Rosalina is the 3rd Daughter of Matron Lilian deNias, a Carian Noble. As is tradition in Caria, the 3rd child is given to a temple to serve. She was sent across the seas to Windhearth to undergo her training. She seeks to prove her worth before the Valours of the Order by leading a quest against the Hallowed of Night.

Duren Kateral
Race: Human
Class: Assassin
An apprentice assassin of the Order of Yun. He is sent by the Master Yun Mitsu to join the quest against the Hallowed of Night in order to draw out the Twelve Houses. He approaches the party as a ranger in order to gain their trust.

Rotthiem Von Harloc
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
The exiled Captain of the Duke Gregor Ramtheon. He seeks to regain his honour in the eyes of his family and Lord. To that end, he joins with Rosalina’s crusade against Hallowed of Night. He is a mighty warrior carrying a magical axe called Grinder. He is hunted by Bounty Hunters seeking to end his claim to the family title.

Race: Elf
Class: Druid
A Druid of the Mirekeepers. She arrives with Kateral in Windhearth, as they met on the road. She has an antagonistic relationship with Auyvir, due to the Bloodwar. She is a fairly taciturn woman, but has come to befriend Kateral. She was sent by her father to protect an item he had hidden deep below Windhearth, which he fears has been found by the Hallowed.


The Five are gathered by the Church of Zennith as part of Priestess deNias’ proving. She has vowed to defeat the cult of Seral Lightstealer known as the Hallowed of Night. Four others join her in the quest and they began to track the cult’s activities. First meeting with Lord Gillaim Palroy, whom the Cult had recently stolen a gem-encrusted key from.

During their hunt, they are attacked by members of the Twelve Houses, a powerful cartel of assassin’s guilds. They seek to kill Rotthiem, who’s cousin had framed him for the death of the Duke’s niece, and Kateral, whom was a member of a rival guild.

They discover that the Cult was actually attempting to take over the Twelve Houses by allowing spirits to possess the Twelve Patrons. Kateral plans to kill the patrons one by one, possessed or not. Though the group agrees to his plan, they find it particularly grisly.

After two of the patrons are found and killed, the Cult attacks the Temple of Zennith in dead of night, and it is burned to the ground. The Valours of Windhearth die in the attempt. Inside of grieving the lost of her brothers and sisters of faith, Rosalina proposes they track and finish off the Hallowed.

Deep in the Old City, they find the stronghold of the Cult and are joined in battle by the Iron Knights. The cult leader, a Dwarf with a Jet Black beard, attacks the combined forces with a scythe made from glowing green stone. The battle is vicious, but the companions manage to slay the dwarf. However, the Knights betray them, saying they will kill them and take the Scythe.

Kateral, had heard the Knights speaking of betraying them before the battle and had already enacted a plan to save his friends. During the fight with Dwarf, he feigned unconsciousness. While distracted by the pitched battle, he poisoned the Knights who died shortly after attacking.

The companions study the Scythe and determine that its unknown origin and great powers are likely sought by many. While Feybane and Yasmari study the Scythe, Kateral reads the lead Knight’s journal, which contains a record of his quest to find the Five Blades of the Virian’haad. He reveals this to the others.

Rosalina, now a priestess without a temple proposes that they remain together to find the other Blades. Yasmari bonds with the spirit trapped in the scythe, an earth elemental called Sannox, which enhances her powers. Rothhiem names the group the Five Blades.

The Five Blades

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