Rise of the Ember Claws

Rise of the Ember Claws

The Characters

Nathan O’Byren
Race: Human
Class: Cleric
A Narisan Cleric of Thor. He joins the Ember Claws to prove himself before the God of War. He becomes the de facto leader of the Investigators. He hunts the Cult of White Shadows under the command of Captain Duren and Celi’nai. He was extremely paranoid of bears, who seemed to always desire to maul him to death for no real reason.

Dirian Lathos
Race: Elf
Class: Wizard
An Elven Wizard who is assigned to lead the Investigators in the Proving, as well as their investigation of the Cult in White Shadows. He was joined by his familiar, a Kobold named…Kobold. He was cut down by a Bandit in the Narsian Woods, but his familiar persisted.

Race: Elf
Class: Ranger
An elven ranger who worked as part of the Investigators for nearly the entire duration of their mission. He was jovial for an elf and skilled with both bow and sword. He died in the final battle against the Master in White Shadows.

Race: Human
Class: Paladin
A human Paladin is service to Lathanader. He fought alongside the Investigators. He was a stern man who fought bravely against all foes. He had an antagonistic relation with Nathan, whom was more a free spirit than him. The two fought side-by-side against the Master in White Shadows. He left the Ember Claws after the Battle.

The Dirk
Race: Human
Class: Assassin
A member of the Order of Yun who served in the Ember Claws. He was well versed in not acting like an assassin. He was skilled at his craft, using his abilities to their fullest when out of sight of his allies. He died during the Siege on the Cult’s ancient headquarters.

Clan Brandon
Race: All Dwarf
Class: Cleric, Fighter, Wizard, then Fighter
A fellow Thorite of Narsiss. He was an arrogant man who challenged to authority of Gunther and was slain in an honor duel. His brothers would follow him in joining the Guild, but were killed one by one. The last of Clan Brandon killed himself be repeatedly jumping into a trap.

*: Died

The NPCs

Duren Kateral
Race: Human
Class: Assassin
The leader of the Ember Claws was once a stern man, according to Celi’nai. Occasionally, he can prove to be such, but has become much more relaxed since becoming Captain of the Company. He rarely engages in combat, preferring to toughen his mercenaries.

Race: Dark Elf
Class: Thief/Wizard
The right hand of Kateral, she manages the day to day assignments of the various members of the Guild. She is also responsible for running the Dead Pool, an Ember Claws tradition based on betting on who will die on a given mission. She puts on an air of annoyance, but prefers her job to running from her family’s assassins.

The Kobold
Race: Kobold
Class: Thief
What was thought to be the familiar of Dirian was in fact a something else entirely. Deadly in combat and possessing intelligence greater than your average Kobold, he serves as the party’s trap finder, chest-breaker, and stealth expert. He remains by Nathan’s side during their adventures, occasionally stealing a gold or two for a drink.


In the Late Fall, several young would-be adventurers seek the employment of the Ember Claws, a local group of mercenaries which have been rapidly growing under the ownership of Duren Kateral. He challenges them to land a blow on him. Eventually, Nathan lands a blow with his warhammer. This earns them a chance to attempt the Proving, a trial in order to prove their teamwork skills. Nathan is awarded a magical warhammer for landing the blow.

After successfully clearing the Gatehouse of an old keep, they return and are hired as guild members. Immediately, they are tasked to find the source of an increasing number of monster attacks in the northern regions of Narsiss. They travel to Candar, a farming community in the foothills of the Ashtop Mountains. There, they discover that a cult lead by a group called the Paladins of Pestilence have begun to capture the simple folk for sacrifice for some ritual.

They track the so-called Paladins, dubbed Anti-Paladins by Gunther to a Bog near the edge of the Wraithwood. In the bog is a sinking keep, which is believed to be the headquarters. After defeating the warriors, they discover that a priest of a being called the Master in White Shadows was leading the Paladins of Pestilence.

The group travels north the Gnomish Empire’s capital of Wump. From an inn there, they begin exploring the abandoned tunnels deeper under the capital. They find an old Drow city now active and guarded by several anti-paladins and cultists. Kateral leads a force of Ember Claws to siege the gates while the Investigators infiltrate the keep in the city and kill the cult leader.

After navigating the well defended keep and disabling countless traps, they arrive at the main hall. There, they engage the Head of the Cult, a Gnome of unknown name. However, his ritual was completed by his death and the Master in White Shadows is summoned. After a deadly and drawn out battle, they manage to banish the Master back to where he came from.

Rise of the Ember Claws

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