Mystery of the Blades

The Mystery of Blades

The Returning Characters

Auvyir Feybane Race: Elf Class: Wizard Auyvir Feybane, the eldest son of Lord Feybane. Like his father, he is a battle mage and fought in the Bloodwar. However, he struck out on his own seeking the hone his skills against more than fellow elves. He catches word of Rosalina’s crusade against the Hallowed of Night and travels to Windhearth in order to join her quest.

Rosalina deNias
race: Human
Class: Cleric
The de facto leader of the group. Officially, she remains a priestess in the Temple of Zennith. She has had little contact with the Temple, however. She began a romance with Auyvir Feybane, which has lead to some conflict with Rotthiem.

Duren Kateral
Race: Human
Class: Assassin
Before leaving Windhearth, he tells his mentor, Varian, that he is leaving the Order. Varian says that as far as the Master knows, he is dead. His allies, though aware of his disposition, continue to rely on his skills and respect his differences in opinion. He has grown in skill as fighter thanks to training with Rotthiem and has grown more confident with his Poisoned Sword and Silver Dagger.

Rotthiem Von Harloc
Race: Human
Class: Fighter
He remains the exiled Captain of the Duke Gregor Ramtheon, however he has relinquished his title to his younger brother. He continues to serve Rosalina faithfully, however has come to resent Auyvir’s relationship with her. He has friendly rivalry with Kateral and Sannox about how many foes they can vanquish in melee combat. After a tragic even, he leaves the group to return to his brother’s side.

Race: Elf/Earth Elemental
Class: Druid/Barbarian
The druid, now bonded to Sannox’s Scythe, has become even more taciturn since become the wielder of the 1st blade. Her power has also increased. She eventually is overcome by Sannox’s will, who agrees to help them on their quest. Sannox focuses less on Yasmari’s spells and relies on the brutal power of his namesake scythe.

New Characters

Sir Roth deVenni
Race: Human
Class: <paladin> A knight of Caria, he is tasked by King Francis deCaleen to bring Rosalina deNias to him for a marriage arranged by her mother. When she refuses to leave the Blades until their quest is complete, he accompanies them. He has an antagonist, sometimes violent relationship with Kateral, who is open about his profession. The two eventually come to respect each other.

Race: Dark Elf
Class: Thief/Wizard
A Dark Elf of the Forgotten Depths. She is hunted for killing her Aunt, the Matriarch of her Clan. She befriends Kateral and Yasmari. She secretly seeks a way to free Yasmari from the Elemental’s control with Kateral’s help.

Race: Elf
Class: Assassin
The mentor of Kateral, he joins the Blades for a time as part of his investigation of the reformed Twelve Houses.


The group leaves Windhearth for the Azure Range, mountains that separate the Jhovan Peninsula from the Wilds. During their travel, they Yasmari and Auyvir are approached by representatives of their families asking them to rejoin the war. Yasmari’s messenger leaves in disappointment. However, the Gray Elf messenger was an assassin sent to kill Auyvir, as a race traitor for working with a wood elf and romancing a human. They manage to defeat the assassin and his bodyguards.

The party travels to Galihadras, in order to rectify the situation. Auyvir becomes the head of his Clan by defeating his father in magical combat, thanks to enhancements Yasmari placed on him to absorb the Patron’s spells. As the new Patron, he recalls his sister, Liah, who had been exiled for researching the Common Ancestor. Yasmari and Kateral leave to meet with the Mirekeepers, the shamans and druids who ruled over the Wood Elves. Along the way, they encounter Celi’nai, who joins them in exchange from protection. The trio manages to convince the druids to begin peace talks. Meanwhile, the Feybane siblings and Rosalina convince the Conclave of Galihadras of the threat of Seral and the Iron Knights, whom have hounded them at every turn.

A meeting to discuss peace is held in the town of Arieglynn. The Iron Knights attack the meet, but are stopped by the Blades. The Bloodwar is ended. Auyvir gives his seat in the conclave to his sister and rejoins the group.

While following rumors of a shrine built of the same stone as Sannox’s Scythe, Sannox gains more and more control of Yasmari. When they reach the Veridian shirne, they confront a horde of undead controlled by the Lich known as Javier. During the battle with Javier, Yasmari is seemingly killed, but saved by Sannox’s spirit, who now is in control of her body.

Distraught, the elemental claims Yasmari’s soul is very weak and will reassert itself in time. It pledges itself to their service. Rotthiem and Auyvir accept its word, while the others are somewhat suspicious. The shrine is a mural depicting the five blades, as well as the Axe Angel’s Fall, which is not possessed of a Spirit, but filled with dead essences of divine creatures. Rotthiem becomes the wielder of the Axe.

As they return to a nearby village they are challenged by a Paladin in order to reclaim Rosalina for her future husband. Rotthiem duels him for the right while Rosalina remains confused over the man’s claims. After disarming him, Rotthiem asks for his name and purpose. He introduces himself as Sir Roth of Caria, a knight of the king sent to bring his future wife to him. Rosalina refuses to leave, and he says he will protect her until her quest is complete, at which time she will come with him. She neither refuses or denies him.

As they travel deeper into the mountains in search for the third blade, they are attacked by the thralls of an Illthid, who seek to claim the two weapons. As the battle drags on, they are forced to use a damaged Portal Stone which bring the battle to the Astral Plane. There, the battle against the Mind Flayers is joined by the Githyanki, who attack both sides. Yasmari and Sannox are separated on the Plane. Sannox is killed defending its host. Yasmari and Roslaina are seperated by Githyanki, while Auyvir is seemingly killed by an Illthid. Kateral tells Rotthiem, Roth, and Celi’nai to save the ladies and that he’ll make amends for his past.

He places his portable hole inside Auyvir’s Bag of Holding, which would normally teleport someone to the Astral Plane. However, since they are on the Plane already, it creates a power loop which kills the remaining thralls and Illthids, as well as many Githyanki. Kateral is destroyed in the process. The remaining Githyanki flee. Rosalina, Yasmari, and Celi’nai quickly create a portal back the Mortal Coil, taking Auyvir’s body with them.

Upon arrival on the Mortal Coil, Yasmari determines that the other Elf is still alive, but in bad condition. They return to Galihadras and leave him with his sister, Matriarch Liah. The remaining Blades agree to break up. Roth and Rosalina leave for Caria, so she can be wed to the King. Rotthiem returns to the Duchy in order to support his brother. Yasmari returns to Mirekeepers to seek healing for her still wounded spirit. Celi’nai joins Rotthiem on his trip the Duchy, but remains in the Port City of Narsiss.

Two Years Later…

Celi’nai is met by Roth in Narsiss two years after the death of Kateral on the Astral Plane. He says the Rosalina has reclaimed the a third blade, Wallace. He was sent to find her in order to reform the Blades. She tells him that Rotthiem would not rejoin the Blades, but Yasmari and Auyvir might. The two travel to Galihadras in find Auyvir, who has continued the quest to find the Blades with Yasmari.

The quartet are attacked by servants of the Twelve Houses, which were thought to have been disbanded after several of the Patron’s were slain. In order to gain more information the four travel to Bridgetown in search of the Order of Yun. There, they meet Varian, whom Kateral had mentioned as his mentor.

For the first time in four years, they return to Windhearth. Celi’nai is approached by a Lord Dolan, who seeks to hire her for a job, but she declines. Meanwhile, Roth, Yasmari, and Auyvir are attacked by assassins of the Twelve. A note signed “Dolan” is among their possessions and one of them wore an Iron Ring like those worn by the Iron Knights.

Pursuing Dolan, they learn from a captured assassin that he has taken control of three of the Houses. The other nine are opposed to him, however someone is killing their Patrons. After the House’s conflicts have escalated into open conflict, Dolan vanishes.

In order to bring peace, they join the efforts of Lord Palroy to turn back the Civil War. They have reduced six houses into being unable to function or disbanding. They find that three more have been brought down by Kateral, who is revealed to be alive and working for Master Yun Mistu again.

With the Twelve Houses defeated, Varian leaves the Blades again. Kateral informs his fellows that he found the Mantle of Death while in Limbo, and has a fragment of its power keeping him alive. Lord Palroy informs them that one of the Iron Knights a powerful sword of great power, and has challenged the Lord’s of Windhearth in honorable combat. Auyvir devises a plan to delay him, asking Lord Palroy to set up a tournament to determine the champions that will fight for the city. At the end of the tournament, the Blades become the Champions and Kateral wins ownership of a Mercenary Company.

The Blades are dubbed the Champions of the Blades by Palroy and they engage The Iron Champion and his retinue in the streets of Windhearth. They defeat the Champion and Auyvir claims the 4th Blade, Witchbane. Roth returns to his Queen and King, his mission completed. Yasmari suggests that they split up in order to gain more information on the Last Blade, known to be called Albion.

She returns to the Mirekeepers to continue her search. Auyvir returns to Galihadras to oversee the construction of a Virian’haad designed Tower that will be used in the search. Kateral is joined by Celi’nai in the leading the mercenary company he now owns, the Ember Claws.

Mystery of the Blades

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