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Tales of the Veridian Coast

Since the God of Death was slain, the Age of Heroes as reigned. Without rules, death runs uncontrolled, some seemingly immune to its touch and others struck down by the simplest of issues. The Pax Twilight, an agreement between the Gods to not interfere directly in each others affairs has meant the world has been at peace. However, that changed with the Birth of the Silver Lady…

The Codex of Seals pt. 1

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What is the Veridian Coast?

The Veridian Coast is a long running setting by my friend and I here in Milwaukee, WI since 2000. It takes place on the continent of Viria, a land that was once home to a race known as the Virian’haad. Their magic was great, and the cause of their undoing, sinking their vast empire into the depths of the sea. Where their kingdom was, there is now the Veridian Sea.

Originally, the setting began in 2nd edition Dungeons & Dragons. A single session was played in 3rd Edition D&D before switching over the Kenzer Co’s HackMaster RPG. After HackMaster 4th was no longer in print, we switched to 4th Edition D&D.

Table of Contents

The Races
History of the Coast
The Nations of the Jhovan Peninsula
The Nations of the Ramtheon Expanse
The Wilds and Other Regions
Gods and Faiths
Important Figures
Recent Timeline

The Campaigns

So far, 7 different campaigns have taken place in the setting, whose events have shaped the world.

The Five Blades: (2000-2002) The campaign started it all. The Hallowed of Night attempt to unleash a plague on the city of Windhearth. Five souls stand against their threat in the Gilded City. A powerful artifact is discovered, leading to a quest to prevent such power from being wielded.

Mystery of the Blades: (2003) The heroes of the original campaign return, seeking to prevent Virian’haad artifacts from being used by various forces. Though the battles are bloody and many allies are lost, they are successful.

Rise of the Ember Claws: (2004-2005) One of the Five Blades leads a group of mercenaries to fight against a powerful being known as the Master in White Shadows. These mercenaries bring fame and glory to the failing Ember Claws Company. The Company is soon after drawn into war with the Ramtheon Duchy.

War of the Mages: (2005-2006) Two sects of worshipers of the God of Magic, Hokalas, draw the Jhovan Empire into Civil War. Worship of a new god, the Silver Lady, had begun.

Carian Revolt: (2007) The Ember Claws return to prevent the Queen of Caria from being overthrown by worshipers of a being known as the Queen in Iron.

Journey to the Feywild (2009) The Silver Lady, formerly known as the Queen in Iron, has slain Axium, the God of Empires and her will now drives the forces of Jhovan to war with the Elves of Galihadras. A powerful artifact, the [[:Vessel of Alura]], could be the key to ending the war.

The Codex of Seals:(Ongoing) The Mantle of the God of Death seeks new hosts. Several mortals are granted a fragment of its power. A continuation of the Journey to the Feywild.

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