The Travelers from Beyond

Race: Human
Class: Cleric

Zedd is a Carian Priest of Lathandar, god of the Sun and Light. He travelled across the Sea to seek out the unholy blight known as the Silver Crusade. There, he joined the group that would become the Travelers. He is the Spiritual Center of the Travelers, seeking the guidance of his god in tough times, and helping those who have carried the Vessel of Alura to resist its power.

Frohike Fuselighter
Race: Gnome
Class: Wizard

A travelling mage from Wump, Frohike’s wish came true when they were teleported to the Feywild, which he knew to be the source of the enigmatic Eladrin’s power. The plan proved to be more than just a power source, it was the ancestral home of his people, the Gnomes. Here, the Gnomish Empire of legend not only existed, but flourished. As the current barer of the Vessel of Alura, he must resist its temptations to use it’s necromatic powers to summon and command the dead.

Race: Shardmind
Class: Invoker

Discovered in an ancient chest, Kallash is a Shardmind that claims to directly sent by Odin to assist in the War against the Silver Lady. He sees himself as a servant of not just Odin but of the entire Last Pantheon. He has had little to no interaction with Mortals and finds many of their customs odd. Despite his oddities, he is dedicated to the Traveler’s cause.

Glimper Dumas
Race: Half-Elf
Class: Warlock

A warlock who joined the fight against Tagon in Talimport, he joined the Traveler’s quest to find the Arcane Runes and overthrow the Silver Lady. It is unknown how a half-elf ended up on the Feywild, but he seems fairly well adjusted.

Race: Tiefling
Class: Paladin

Known by the Virian’haad as the Crimson Devil of Hokalas, Barakus is a charismatic sword fighter and skilled user of divine power. He has been an ally of the Travelers and has protected them from many powerful foes.


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