Carian Revolt

The Carian Revolt

Part 1: The Hunt for Albion


Sean Ironhammer
Race: Dwarf
Class: Cleric of Thor

An adventurer who has returned to his homeland to protect his people. He has joined the Ember Claws on the advice of his mentor, Nathan O’byren and fellow Brother of Thor, Hathor. He is joined by Garrith, a mage he met in Windhearth and Aleric, a wood-elf Cavalier. He is dedicated to the service of his Church, and the Ember Claws.

Race: Human
Class: Wizard

A wizard formerly of the Crimson Tower, Garrith joined with Sean in order to leave the Gilded City. He is a fairly taciturn man, motivated by the pursuit of new magic. He focuses on spells with a wide range of utilities, particularly transmutation spells. He is considered second among the Narisan wizards by the end of the campaign.

Race: Elf
Class: Cavalier

A warrior who fought in the Blood War, he has sought a new purpose in life after the end of the war. His older brother vanished a few years ago, and his younger was exiled as a traitor (he was a half-elf). He fought valiantly as an Ember Claw.

Race: Elf
Class: Wizard

An Elf of Calcutpurse and an adviser of Sir Gimme Yore Wallette, a Knight of Calcutpurse. He joins the Suicide Squad at the behest of his employer. He studies under Garrith as a wizard. He leaves the party after Dolan’s first death.

The Plot

After arriving from Windhearth, the trio seeks employment due to low funds. They travel to the Church of Thor, as Sean wants to speak with his Brothers. Their, Brother Hathor informs them that the Ember Claws are hiring and that they will need two sponsors. Hathor, an honorary Ember Claw, agrees to be one. He says that Sir Gimme Yore Wallette,a Knight of Calcutpurse, may be willing to sponsor them.

They travel to the Gambling Goblin, a casino that serves as the de facto Embassy of the Knight. The Elf, wearing a strange metal masked helm, offers to sponsor them in exchange for two things, the first is that they are accompanied by his assistant, who he feels is too sheltered. The second is that a group of Sahaugin living along the southern cliffs have been raiding his shipments. In order to gain his sponsorship, he will require the head of their shaman. They manage to defeat the shaman easily.

After gaining both sponsorships, they are sent with the writs to meet with the leader of the Ember Claws, Duren Kateral. His second, Celi’nai, refuses them due to her distaste for Sir Gimme. However, when several men come to his camp asking for the location of a halfling, he sends them north in an attempt to find the halfling. He informs them that the halfling had come seeking asylum, but wouldn’t say why. They find him in a Veridian ruin inhabited by cultists of the Master in White Shadow, whom they dispatch. Halfing rescued, they return to the guild’s compound.

The halfling tells the company about the Queen in Iron, a demi-god supposedly imprisoned deep in the undercity of Windhearth. They travel their to meet with Lord Dolan, who supposedly has more information. They are joined by Sir Gimme Yore Wallette, in order to get diplomatic access to the Lord. Upon arrival at Dolan’s manor in Windhearth, he orders his guards to attack. Gimme gives chase as he leaves. They manage to fight against the guards and killed them, but when the town guards show up, the surrender.

In the dead of night, a young woman arrives and frees them from the jail. She says she her name is Seraphim, and that she is a friend of Kateral. They leave that night on a trade ship flying the Carian flag. Sir Gimme is already on board. He says Dolan teleported away, theorizing that he’s hired some mages. They arrive in Caria, and hop another ship back Narsiss. Before than can board, they are attacked by bounty hunters seeking the reward for their escape. On the ship ride back, they are attacked by a lone assassin wearing an Iron Ring. The Assassin is hung upon arrivial in Narsiss for attempting to kill nobility (Sir Gimme). Among the assassin’s possessions is a note detailing a plan to use Greymalkin as a staging ground for an attack on Narsiss.

Graymalkin is an ancient Virian’haad city recently discovered by the Wraithwood Tribe. The Tribe and the Gant University of Windhearth came to an agreement for excavating the site. The Gnomes sought to gain access, but were hampered by the University at every turn, much to the annoyance of many. When the Ember Claws arrived to investigate, they were told to speak to Professor Borgan, a dwarf, who had gone into the catacombs.

They found him dead, killed by a blood mage. After defeating the blood mage, they escaped to the surface and found the University’s staff supplemented by armed forces magically teleported in from Windhearth. After escaping, they informed Kateral, who mobilized the Ember Claws in order to siege the ancient city. After their victory and capture of the head of the University’s detachment there, they were assigned to Auyvir Feybane, in order to reclaim the half of the key to the Vault of Albion, an ancient magic weapon used to slay the Demigod Nephilim. It was stolen by a group of Aquatic Elves who lived in an ancient Virian’haad castle. After sieging the undersea keep, they are teleported back to Feybane’s Tower.

As soon as they return, they are told that the Ember Claws have gained control of the portals used by the forces of Windhearth to invade. They are sent over with an alchemical explosive device. After defeating several traps, they find Dolan. The lord changes into his true form,that of a mind flayer and attempts to rush his opponents. However, Sean is prepared and unaffected by his horrific change. With a single blow of his mighty warhammer, he crushes the Illthid’s chest in. They set the explosive and leave. Old Town in Windhearth is reduced to dust.

Carian Revolt

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