Tales of the Veridian Coast

Adventure 9, Crisis of Faith
Garrith's Secret is Revealed

The Ritual is completed, and the Wards in the Green Ruins are disabled. Garrith opens a portal to the Green Ruins. They find the gates barred and hasty wards constructed. Before they can be undone, several portals appear and several Genasi appear and begin to attack. Garrith uses powerful Blood Magic to wound several of the Genasi. Despite the power of Garrith’s magic, the Genasi are tenacious foes. The portals remain open, and Garrith and Frohike take to undoing the Portals to prevent more Genasi from exiting.

Once the portals are sealed, the party focuses its literal fire power on the remaining Genasi, who is clearly a servant of the Silver Lady. They collect their fallen foe’s gear, and dismantle the Wards by smashing the Stormsoul’s Iron Ring with a mace against the Gates. The Gates blow open from the release of magic. On the other side, local militia bravely faces the party, though they are terrified of their displays of power. Kallash uses a booming voice heard nearly across the Ruins, scaring any resistance into hiding in fear.

They proceeded into the headquarters of the Luminal Blades. Sahazad stands defiant, taunting the Travelers and Garrith to strike her down. Frohike, Garrith, and Kallash oblige, catching her and most of her forces in a wave of Ice Storms, Blood magic, colorful rays and booming Thunder. Within two minutes, the battle is over. Sahazad is dead.

They take a moment to rest then search for further activity of the Silver Lady’s followers. On the mercenary leader, they find a letter from Diane Fuselighter, detailing a plan to assault Ablorin’s Tower. As Garrith turns to leave, they find Benyar standing in the door. He demands that Garrith hand over the Mantle. Frohike passes out from being overwhelmed by the Vessel’s Hunger. The Travelers are confused by the meaning of his demand and Garrith tells him that he is one of the Mantlebearers. Kallash suggests that Garrith should hand over his piece and thus his life to restore Benyar to divinity as his Mantle was stolen from him by his murderer. Garrith retorts that by his logic, Benyar killing him for his divine power would be just as wrong. He says that he believes that there is no need for a God of Death, as the Mortal Coil has gotten along fine without one. Kallash stands down, leaving it up to him and Benyar to decide what to do. They lock eyes for what seems to be a lifetime. Benyar looks away, guilt crosses his faith. He silently turns around and leaves. Garrith lets out a deep breath and then leaves as well.

The Party returns to Unidar and Fuegar, who pay them the bounty for killing Sahazad. They leave for the Sanctuary and Inform Elder Voran about Diane’s plans.

Adventure 8, Memories of the Past
The Memories of Past Heroes come to life...

Garrith, Frohike and Glimper begin working on a ritual to take out Wards in the Green Ruins. In order to complete it, Garrith needs the a Golden Orb from the Vault of Memories, an ancient Dwarven ruin located near the Will’s Gem, the massive lake in the Middle of the Wilds. He asks that Kallash, Zedd, and Barakus travel there and claim the Orb. He gives the a key and tells to them to be careful.

The trip does not take that long, and they find the Vault. It’s doors are unlocked, despite him giving them a key. As they travel into the Vault, they enter a large chamber decorated in Rametheon art. Murals depicting various battles by a single group. The floor is covered in a depiction of the same warriors fighting a dragon. At its center, a dais with a ghostly elf stands waiting. They ask who he is, and he introduces himself as Volker, one of the original members of the Ember Claws. He tells them that he has faced countless powerful fulls, both as a Knight of Emberclaw and as one of the mercenaries under Kateral’s command. He says that to this day, The Dragon Emberclaw still is the most terrifying. The room becomes a much larger cave and the Elven Spirit changes into the very real seeming Red Dragon.

The battle against Volker’s memory of the Dragon is difficult, but through clever tactics they manage to grasp victory. One thing that helps them defeat the dragon is that its nature makes it vulnerable to powers effective against the Undead. After the battle, the find themselves tired and exhausted, but their wounds seem to have healed. The room returns to normal, and a door has appeared in at the end of the room. They enter and find another large chamber. This one stinks of stale and dirty water. Thick fog fills the room, obscuring vision beyond a dais with a young human man standing on it. They recognize him as Kateral and he seems to be more youthful, though only slightly younger. He speaks of the Horrors he’s seen, but that the most shocking to him was his discovery that the Iron Knights had betrayed them and had been in league with his enemies. The Fog parts as the spirit fades, revealing half a dozen Iron Knights.

Vents on the floor release hot steam, burning those nearby them. The fight goes well, despite the archer using poisoned arrows to slow the holy warriors. Slowly, they cut their way though the Iron Knights. Again, the sewer fades as the battle ends. They find themselves in a Virian’haad structure, with statues carved into pillars. On an altar, a dwarf wearing armor with the Ember Claws symbol and carrying a powerful looking Hammer waits. He says that Kateral put him through hells and put him against impossible odds. But the scariest of all of his foes was the Sword…Albion.

The hardest fight yet, the Green bladed sword is wielded by a gaunt elf with blade tendrils flowing under its skin. Blood runs from its mouth and eyes. It’s silently uses its sword to beat down the holy warriors. It occasionally releases waves of black flame. Already having faced a Red Dragon and an team of unholy knights, many of their most powerful techniques had been exhausted. This was complicated by the Champion’s relentless attacks. Though they had managed to push him back, he managed to forced them between the altar and some of the pillars.

With a wave of obsidian flame, Zedd fell dead and soon Barakus was rendered unconscious. Kallash fired the final blast of Divine Power which banished The Thane’s Memory. Barakus woke up soon after…however Zedd had truly died.

Grimly, they took the Orb, using the Key to open the final door. They travel to nearby Gem and are lead by a surprised Daspien to the Thane, who returns Zedd to life. Despite his offers of food and rest, they insist upon returning to Garrith’s ritual.

Adventure 7, Frozen Horizon
What secret's lie in Horizon?

After leaving Bariel, the Travelers head towards the Sanctuary. On the way, they encounter fields filled with vegetables from the Mortal Coil. They find several human, elven and Genasi farmers tending the fields. An Elven farmer directs them to speak to Vincent, a half-orc who owns one of the barns. They find the muscular, but well spoken half-orc who introduces himself and explains that they are in Horizon. Horizon is a town that exists on an artificial planar Overlay. It is run by Undiar, a Watersoul Genasi. He tells them that he’s lost his means to return, but Undiar won’t give him a new one.

They speak to Undiar, who is hostile to them. He says that he’s a business man who seeks to expand his business into the Feywild. Frohike asks if it’s dangerous to use, and he says that due to his limited number of passes (expensive magic items leased to their holders to allow them to pass between the planes) it causes very little damage to the fabric of the Planes. They ask about Vincent’s pass, and he says that he would be glad to be rid of the Redcaps who took it and would pay handsomely for the Pass’s return. He allows them to stay at his Inn, which serves as the main trade bub between the Planes.

They head out the next morning to track down to Redcaps. They wander for a bit before discovering Baracus again. He says he was hunting these monsters, as they were raiding the Sanctuary. They join forces to take them out.

Once inside the Burrows, they encounter a trap set by the Redcaps. Stones fall from roof of the cave, pinning several members of the Group to the ground. The redcaps use tactics to knock the Travelers about. Eventually, the Travelers overcome their numbers.

After taking a rest, they travel deeper into the cave, which seems to head up at an incline. The peak one ramp to see a group of redcaps along it, with a frail looking Redcap at the top, pushing a boulder over the top. The Redcaps trap the party at the bottom of the ramp, but they fall victim to the boulders. The party spreads out to avoid the boulders. Eventually, the last Redcap is defeated.

At the top of the ramp is a barbaric looking throne room, with a stone throne. A Fomorian, with its smaller eye gouged out asks what treasure they have to offer. A stormsoul Genasi advises King Garmungus to not trust the Travelers. The Shardmind is able to delay Garmungus from ordering an attack until they can launch a counter attack.

Frohike and the Shardmind use powerful spells to keep the Fomorian trapped in a storm of Ice and Thunder. The Genasi charges forward and is engaged by Baracus and Glimper, who quickly work to dispatch him. The fight against the Formorian is difficult, but eventually King Garmungus stands alone, then he too falls.

The Travelers search the Formorian for the Pass, which is found. Glimper discovers an Iron Ring which Zed quickly confiscates it. They find a missive with instructions from someone named Sahazad to undermind Undiar. He also has a Pass of his own. They decide to return to the Genasi businessman. Along the way, they return Vincent’s pass and he says he will pay them. Zedd and the Shardmind ask him to use the money to build a temple to Odin and Lathandar to commemorate the victory. They add their own gold to the project.

Undiar is given the Missives and the Ring. He tells them of the Luminal Blades, mercenaries from the Mortal Coil who Sahazad lead. Undiar offers them ownership of the Pass belonging to the late Luminal Blade as well as a large sum of gold. They accept the offer as part of their battle against the Silver Lady.

They arrive on the other side and meet Undiar’s brother, Fuegar a Firesoul Genasi. Fuegar is much more jovial than his brother. He says that they’ll probably need help fighting Sahazad. They attempt to use the orb to contact Garrith, but get Auyvir. He remind them that the Orb originally was attached to his Base in Arieglynn. He says he will inform Garrith of their mission after they finish explaining it to him.

They travel to meet Sahazad, who is well guarded with her people. They tell her that they are there to hire her, but they don’t have the money. They tell her that they need to get it. They return to Fuegar’s half of the Horizon Inn. Upon entering, Garrith sneaks up behind them, saying that with him, the witch stands no chance.

Adventure 5, Lucky 7 pt 2.
Cursed Spirits in the Land of Snow

Zedd chastises Frohike for using the Vessel, but Frohike claims it was the only option left. They pause for a break in the newly purified woods. After the break, they continue towards Bariel. The weather quickly changes from that of a warm day to cold snow, however the sky remains clear. Through the snow, they see a palisade. As they get closer, the forms of several undead can be seen moving about, lead by an Elf marked with glowing red tattoos.

They launch an ambush against the undead. Frohike creates a wall of flame on the Palisade, causing it to catch. Though the ambush is effective at weakening the Ghouls outside of the Wall, from the inside come lumbering forms with bloated chests and nearly atrophied arms and legs. These bloated beasts bellow with thunderous voices, forcing back the party. Combined with the fire and acid magic of the Crimson marked Elf, they Travelers are pinned down.

As the fight grows desperate, Liam charges the tattooed Elf and drives his blades into his chest. The attack causes the spellcasting Elf to explode, vaporizing himself, save for the Runes and the Wallwalking Boots. Without the Elf, the undead fall to the ground with quaking spasms, before they finally die.

The explosion knocks everyone to the ground. As they gather the ashes of their friend, a large fellow steps from the woods. He introduces himself has Ell Kehbawng. The Goliath says that he was seeking goblin women, but ended up hear and was drawn by the sight of a large, ominous explosion. Zedd asks for some help moving debris from the gatehouse and Ell discovers a chest. The chest moves on its own.

They open it after it speaks the name of Odin in a booming voice after struggling with it for a while. Inside is a pile of cyrstals, which fly out to form a humanoid form of luminous crystal. It introduces itself and says that it is a servant of Odin. The remaining Travelers inform it and Ell what they are doing. After some discussion, they realize Frohike has gone ahead.

Meanwhile, Frohike sees Zombie hulks pulling carts full of bodies. Several weak looking zombies shuffle about the town square. A trio of the tattooed Elves seems to be directing their movements. One of them has dark green marks. As the party catches sight of Frohike, he begins his arcane assault, firing Lightning bolts into his foes. Frohike is quickly overwhelmed by the undead and is knocked out.

With the help of their new allies they manage to not only save Frohike, but wipe out the undead, along with the Red-marked Elves. The green one, seemingly weakened, begins to make his escape, but his body fails and he dies.

After taking a break, they head to the Temple of Zeus through one of the holes knocked in its walls. They find its altar corrupted. Zedd realizes that a spirit is inhabiting it. He calls the Spirit forth. The Spirit, Rotos, is rather snobbish in informing the Travelers that not only can they not destroy him, but that by banishing him they will return him to his master. He does reveal that his master holds the Staff of Caiphon. The Travelers realize it to be Ablorin.

Adventure 4, Lucky 7 pt. 1
Into the Death's Heart

Everyone wakes the next morning, unmolested by any more Wylde Eladrin, magically enraged bugbears, human mercenaries, dead gods, ghostly undead, Silver Lady Zealots, or God hating Virian’haad. A light rain began just after dawn. Thankfully, the dilapidated pavilion provides enough shelter to make a campfire and prepare some breakfast.

As they attempt to enjoy the heated trail rations, they consider that they have added another powerful opponent to a list of enemies that already includes a Lich, an insane Greater God, a Death-infused and a Servant of said God.

The Travelers break camp and continue to Bariel. As they leave the Gnomish Empire, they discover that there are no roads, so Liam uses his map and his tracking skills to navigate them towards Bariel in the North. The clouds, which seemed at daybreak seemed to have been thinning out, have grown even darker.

As they press on, the land around them seems to have changed. The shimmering trees, which normally appears as though magic flows just below the surface, now appears to have thick ichor crawling within its bark. The blue-green grasses and ferns have wilted to a puss-like yellow. Liam turns around to see when they entered this phenomenon, but the way they came seems to have been tainted as well. Frohike determines that they are in a supernatural event known as a Blight, a sudden manifestation of necrotic energy which corrupts all life in a small radius.

Liam climbs a corrupted tree, which causes him to feel ill and loose the feeling in his hands for a moment. At the top, he sees that the corruption has spread roughly a mile in every direction, though they are not near the center. Zedd determines the direction of the center of this Blight and leads them on. Frohike determines a shorter way filled with less corrupting necrotic energy due to small fire that burned a grove to the ground.

Glimper believes he has found a better route, but steps into a pool of ichor, but is pulled out by Liam in time. Zedd attempts to use his knowledge of religious matters to guide him, and he remembers hearing that Blights are usually a lot smaller in area than this. There are many theories to their nature, some believe that the energy comes from another plane, others think that it is simply wild magic, last a small group thinks that they could be considered Stygian Passovers. If they were Passover events, then they would occur almost as frequently as all other events known to be tied to the Stygian Passovers.

Liam realizes that the Flora has been mutating in such a way as to hinder their path. He begins to lead the plants in circles, until it collides with previously mutated plants, which are distracted as they begin to consume themselves. Frohike attempts to blast some trees with his magic, but Ichor sprays from the area where is magic missiles impacted, and he is covered in it. Glimper attempts to mess with the tree branches and is sprayed with Ichor. Soon, Frohike has a revealation, he breaks a branch that is near another tree, causing it to spray the other tree in Ichor, which burns through it like acid. They use this strategy to clear a path the eye of the storm.

In the center, they find an area consumed by darkness. Though their vision is impaired, they can make out several undead, including a bloated monstrosity walking on all fours with gas seeping from fissures in its mutilated skin, and what may have once been elven mages, with their flesh corrupted and their staves fused to their meaty hands, and finally Ghouls while massive maws in place of their bellies. In the center of this shadowy grove sat a statue surrounded by four obsidian obelisks. The Ghouls quickly pin the Travelers down, but Liam slips by to attack the big bloated monstrosity. As Frohike, Glimper, and Zedd fight back the undead, who have them cornered, Liam is knocked in between two of the pillars and the statue. Suddenly there is a surge of necrotic energy, and his knocked unconscious, the life being drained by the Towers.

The remaining Travelers press forward in order to rescue Liam. Zedd takes blow after blow from the undead, but in a burst of light is able to revive Liam, who upon standing up quickly shatters one of the towers and moves away to attack one of the undead mages. Through a combination of power spells and skilled swordsmanship, they destroy the undead. After Zedd determins that the destruction of the tower weakened the Necrotic energy of the Blight, Liam destroys the remaining towers, and the forest returns to the way it was. The clouds begin to break in the sky.

However, the statue becomes a creature of rotting flesh. He declares boldly that he is Count Varitas, Master of the Deathspire. He is suddenly confused as to his location. He asks the party what they have done to him, and they ask if he was overthrown. He is unsure, but is told of Ablorin by Zedd. Liam notices the sun begins to creep up on the Vampire. Him, Glimper and Zed attempt to distract him long enough for the sun to reach him, however he realizes their ruse and begins to transform into a bat.

Suddenly, he stops and falls to his knees. Everyone turns to see Frohike holding the Vessel of Alura. Frohike asks Varitas what the Deathspire is and the Vampire manages to say that it is tied to some sort of power before the sun catches him, turning him into ash. His staff, rod, and ring are all that remain.

Zedd admonishes him for using the Vessel, and Frohike says that the Vampire wasn’t consumed by the Vessel. He justifies himself by saying that they needed more information and their attempt to glean any failed, thus he was forced to resort to the Vessel.

Adventure 3, Raising the Stakes
When bad meets worse

Frohike, Liam, Qin’haed, and the Shadar’kai of Benyar conclude their discussion and determine that there are still several needs that need to be followed. Benyar says he will pursue Frohike’s clan-mate, Qin’haed says he will accompany him. When Liam points out the irony of a God hating zealot working with a dead god, Qin retorts that Benyar is already dead. If they can work together to make another god dead, then it is all the better.

As they split way from Frohike and Liam, Zedd walks into the barrows and is surprised to see his two companions. He asks who the two walking into the woods are, and is surprised to discover that it is a member of the Brotherhood of Malice and the Shadar’kai of Benyar. He’s dumbfounded. When Frohike asks him what he’s doing here, Zedd says he felt a disturbance and came here to investigate. They decide its late and to return to the Inn. Zedd returns to the Temple.

After a few drinks, Liam decides he should probably get the Elven clothing he borrowed from the suite in the Gran Emperial refitted. He finds the a tailor who is both still awake and willing to do it, after a bit of violent negotiations. Liam returns to the bar, to find a Gnome Warrior complaining that he was beaten by the weakest fighter in the Pit, a gladiatorial arena here in Talimport. The fighter, Tagon, is a bugbear who used to be considered the weakest among the regular competitors, but suddenly has become much stronger. A half-elf at the bar also seems interested in the man’s story, however, before he can relay any relevant information, he passes out from the booze (and possibly his wounds). The barkeep says he’s probably too heavy to move and asks them to turn him on his side. They oblige, and then turn in for the night.

Zedd awakens the next morning earliest to give prayers to Lathander, however he is a bit annoyed by the Elven priests, whose prayers are slightly different than his. After finishing, he heads to the bar to meet with the party. Liam wakes up around the same time as the half-elf, and after some bickering, the two head down for breakfast.

Frohike fills in Zedd about the Vessel and how he believes Elder Zazzil is in league with some dark power and makes a comment about warlocks. The half-elf takes offense to this, having made a pact with a Fey spirit. Frohike apologizes. Liam recounts the Gnome’s story about Tagon and says he wants to investigate, the warlock says he does too. They leave while Frohike and Zedd decide to see the market and sell some of the mundane equipment they recently salvaged.

At the Pit, which is a large dirt arena dug into the surface with bleachers forming a semi-circle around it, they see a line at a booth for placing bets. Liam places one hundred gold on Tagon decapitating his opponent. Both sit down seperately, and Liam notices several cloaked figures moving about the area. He buys some guys drink, and begins to stagger like a drunk. He stumbles into one, and reveals that he’s a feline shifter. The shifters’ companion kicks him, and tells him to leave them be.

He returns to the Pit, and watches as an Elven fighter comes out, wielding an axe and a sword. Liam tries to taunt him, but fails to get much of a reaction. Soon, the massive bugbear comes out of the tent near the Pit. His hair has several bald patches and his armor seems to have a symbol of a smaller humanoid juggling a monster etched into it. The warlock realizes its the Strength, one of the Arcane Runes of the Tarot. Liam realizes it’s much like his own Chariot card.

Tagon begins to call for his opponent, and hears Liam taunt him. The massive bugbear begins a charge for Liam, who takes off into the crowd. In order to get to him, Tagon begins to cleave through the others in the crowd. He manages to slip into a nearby building, but can still hear the screams from the people running in terror.

Zedd and Frohike see the crowd of people fleeing the Pit from the Market and begin to head that way. To get a better view, Frohike climbs onto an overturned cart. The two see the Bugbear and the symbol on his chest and decide it’s likely that this Bugbear has the Strength Rune that Zazzil was asking for. Zedd begins moving through the crowd of Gnomes and Frohike begins firing magic missiles at it, as anything else might hurt the fleeing civilians.

The Warlock joins in blasting Tagon, and uses his magic to confuse and weaken the berserker. Liam joins the fight by ambushing Tagon from behind. He is surprised how powerful Tagon is, as a powerful kick sends him flying to the ground some feet away. Zedd wades closer and begins to work the heal Liam and use his divine powers to further weaken his foe. With great effort, Tagon is slain. His brightly polished mail suddenly fades and rusts. Liam rolls him over to find the Rune of Strength. The party begins helping in triage to help the wounded.

Frohike analyzes the card after their work is complete and determines that it give the weaker an edge over foes with greater power or size. He says that it has a greater power that has been expended for the time being. They see the man in a green cloak watching from a building’s balcony. Liam asks for the Wallwalker boots found among Nexull’s equipment. He runs up the wall, while the others give chase into the building.

Liam follows him into a larger room, which turns out to be some sort of Deli or cafe. The man, a human, is sitting at the table drinking something. As the rest of the party arrives, he offers them lunch, calling Liam by name. They sit down and ask him who he is. He says his name is Duren Kateral after the others have introduced themselves. He gives Liam his incomplete map back, saying that he needed it in order to get more familiar with the Feywild. Most of them recognize the name as the Leader of the Ember Claws, a powerful mercenary guild and ask why he’s in the Feywild. He informs them that he’s looking for something. Frohike guesses its the Mantle, which Kateral confirms. Frohike realizes that he’s hungry, though not as much as he is around Benyar or Diana Fuselighter.

As they finish lunch, he hands the Card as payment for using the map, the Wheel of Fortune. He says he was attacked by a group of Eladrin who were carrying it. He says that he’ll see them around, and walks down the corridor with the balcony, and vanishes with little fanfare.

After filling in the warlock on who Kateral is, they decide that the day is young. They travel to the Temple of Jupiter (formerly known as Zeus) to ask about the settlement of Bariel, which the priests are shocked to find out was destroyed. They refuse to tell the party anymore because of their association with the Cult of Malice.

They decide to travel to the now empty town and leave. After travelling the rest of the afternoon, they find an old pavilion to use as shelter. They take watches and turn in for the Evening. Frohike, on first watch, uses the powers of his goggles to see into the woods. He sees a group of Eladrin hiding in woods. He uses ghost sound to wake Zedd and the Warlock, however Liam already seems to have been awakened and has left his pack in his place.

He ambushes the two bowmen in the back of the group, while Frohike teleports through a dimension door and summons a wall of flame between the front group and the back group. The robbed leader of the group tells Frohike that he shall give him the Runes that belong to his master, Eliphix, a Wyldprince. Frohike says that they have the advantage and wants to see them take the Runes from them. Zedd suggests they surrender and leave in peace. Liam collects their weapons and they leave, promising that their prince will send more powerful foes against them.

Adventure 2, What's in the Cards?

Liam determines that he’s going to stay at the Hostel in the trade quarter of the Sanctuary, but after seeing Lucan go there, he decides that it may not be safe with him there. He heads the Headquarters used by the Travelers. There he meets Gautier, the group’s smith. He grabs a bed in one of the rooms of the upper level and falls asleep.

The next morning, he wakes up to Gautier heading out to do some improvements to his furnace. Liam begins working on a copy of a large map they recovered from the Highpost. While he is working, Frohike wakes up and determines that Zedd has left for some unknown reason. Gautier comes in and says that they’ve had some visitors early this morning, a messenger from Elder Zazzil regarding the runes, an Acolyte of Hate came by regarding a pilgrimage, and a gnomish merchant whose wife and child were kidnapped.

They decide that they’d rather hold off visiting the Cult of Malice, so they split up. Liam heads to the Hostel, where the Gnome is likely staying and finds him drunk. He manages to inform Liam that his wife and child were taken from his caravan on the road between Talimport, a Gnomish city, and Riverborrow. He says he was knocked out during the kidnapping then passes out.

Frohike travels to Zazzil’s retreat outside the Sanctuary. After getting some trouble from the guards he is closely escorted to the courtyard where Zazzil is harshly training apprentices. He ends the lesson when he sees Frohike and strikes up a friendly conversation. He is interested in studying the Runes that they were given by the Bone Witch and says that a group of bandits operating near Talimport supposedly had something called the “Rune of Strength”. Frohike says he’ll look into it if they travel that way. On the way back to the headquarters, the Vessel of Alura informs him that Warlock magic taints Zazzil.

The two meet back up to discuss and say that more information is needed. Frohike heads to the Cult of Malice to see what they wanted. One of the Acolytes of Hate informs him that some of their pilgrims returned from Bariel, a small elven settlement, which was now abandoned. Frohike asks what the pligrims were doing out there, and the Acolyte says they were trying to Free slaves in the worship of Jupiter, formerly known as Zeus the Diminished.

After meeting again, they decide to split up again. Frohike heads to the library in the Temple of Hokalas in order to get a greater understanding of current events and relations to other things. Liam heads to the Hostel’s bar, and asks about Jupiter. The barkeep tells him to keep his voice down, as to not provoke the Cult. He says that his brother in Bariel was an “interesting fan” and points him to his associate who works in the Gran Empiraal, a major trade inn located in Riverborrow. He heads to Riverborrow.

Frohike’s research turns up information on Warlocks, and the Vessel says that he believes that Zazzil made a deal with a powerful being of great evil. He also discovers that the Iron Crusaders (as the followers of the Silver Lady are called here) ritualistically mutilate those they kill in battle and they always kill survivors.

On the road to Riverborrow, Liam encounters a tall figure, dressed in simple clothing but wielding an impressive golden bladed sword fighting off several insane Gnomes. Liam steps up to help. He gets a few wounds in the process, but they manage to slay all of them. The man, who is pale and gaunt, says few words to Liam, but does thank him for his assistance and heals his wounds as though they never occurred. He walks into the woods.

Upon arrival in the city, he is told to meet with Marquise Nalgax, whom he has never met. He arrives at the Marquise’s tower and the Marquise informs him that the creature he met in the woods was a Shadar’kai, a Walking Dream. He warns him that power is gathering and being pulled together in a greater conflict. He says that he should be wary, because they will be no being prepared for it.

In Frohike’s travels about town, he feels compelled to head back to the Retreat. He manages to shake it off before realizing that its the memories of Nexull trying to return to somewhere familiar. The Vessel apologizes.

Liam arrives at the Gran Empiraal, and asks about room rates. They’re more than he can afford, so he heads to the bar and orders drinks for one of the tables whose occupants seem particularly intoxicated. One of them offers a tip and slides a bag of gold his way after he is unable to keep coin in his hand. Liam takes the purse and goes to the bar.

After asking the barkeep for some information about Jupiter, he doesn’t have much to say other than he’s becoming popular amongst some of the Elves because they desire to have a civilization more akin to the Gnomes. He also says that they have a temple in Talimport. He enquirers about the Silver Lady, but the barkeep hushes him, because the Marquise’s agents have been burning heretics alive. The mention of the Lady peeks the interest of a tall man at the bar who seems to be listening and relaxes when Liam reveals that he is working against them. He looks over at the man before he leaves. He tips the barkeep, and heads out. He glances over by the mysterious figure, who is gone.

Meanwhile, Frohike is awoken by another dream of Zazzil and Nexull and feeling strangely hungry. He hears the sound of someone rocking on a chair downstairs. He sneaks down the steps to find a tall figure reading something. He uses his goggles to get a better look at him. He determines that he is a human wearing a green cloak and is holding onto Liam’s in progress map copy. A symbol is stitched into the back of his cloak, one of several weapons crossing in a pattern. The man stands up and taps his side then vanishes. Frohike uses his knowledge of magic to determine that he just moved across the planes.

Frohike attempts to consult Garrith back on the Mortal Coil, but Garrith plays stupid. When Liam returns from Riverborrow, the Court mage uses the opportunity to end the connection. The two bicker and then share notes. Liam recognizes a symbol from a druid who traveled through Will’s Gem a few years ago. She carried a green bladed scythe. He then realizes that she was also in a vision he had, as he remembers a woman carrying the same scythe.

They decide to find the Gnome who gave them the mission, however he left on a caravan an hour ago. They decide that their investigation will lead them to Talimport. They head to the Shrine of Vengeance to seek the aid of the Cult of Malice. An old priest, Qin’haed, volunteers to “liberate slaves”.

They travel to Talimport and get rooms at an inn near the city gates. They ask the innkeeper about anything interesting, he says the docks, temple, and Marquise’s tower are the only real attractions. They decide to head to the bazaar in the docks. There, they both realize that a female gnome has been following them. Liam tries to pull her into an ally, but fails to do so. She calls the guards, but he manages to defuse the situation, saying that he bumped into her.

Frohike confronts her, and she says that they are of the same clan, her name is Dianne Fuselighter. They head to a bar to talk about their respective studies and knowledge. Despite eating and drinking enough, he realizes he is usually hungry again.

Liam find Qin’haed in an ally firing bolts of radiant energy at the Shadar’kai. Liam resolves their fight diplomatically and they head to meet Frohike back at the inn. They see Frohike heading for the Inn, but he ignores them. He locks his room, but Liam picks the lock. They find Frohike holding the Vessel, and the Shadar’kai says its a Virian’haad artifact. Frohike realizes that he’s hungry again when the Shadar’kai is nearby.

The Shadar’kai reveals that the Iron Crusaders are meeting outside of town at midnight. They create an ambush point near an altar. They find that many of the barrows have been dug up. The books and scrolls buried with some of the scholars are missing. When the cult arrives, they charge. Liam and the Shadar’kai fight off the cultists while Frohike engages in a duel with his distant clanmate. Her spells seem to hit much harder than his, due to a dark aura that envelops her. Qin’haed uses his hatred to empower Frohike and helps wound her. Her aura expands suddenly, and in a wave of darkness she is gone. The remaining cultists are dead.

The Shadar’kai begins to individually pray over each one. Liam loots the recently dead. Qin and Frohike determine that they’ve all had their souls drained and the Shadar’kai returns. Frohike recognizes the tattoos on the Shadar’kai as a more ornate version of the symbols of the Jhovan Patriarchs. Then he asks if the Shadar’kai is the Dream of Benyar, which he confirms.

He explains that he was recreated by Odin as part of a debt owed to the Allfather, that Benyar would live as a mortal for one year and one day. He says that his Shadar’kai form is tainted by the Mantle of the Death God and that three other bearers exist on this world. He says that other barer traveled to the Feywild recently, but has since left. He also theorizes that the Vessel is designed to capture the Mantle for some unknown purpose.

Opening Gambit, pt. 2
On they Feywild, Vampire gets eaten by You!

After their meeting with the Bone Witch, the fourth person appears. This one another human who is under the impression the Bone Witch was offering him a chariot. Frohike and Barakas explain the nature of the Chariot, one of the cards similar to the ones the undead seer gave them. They agree to work together due to this new human, Liam, mentioning that he was travelling to work for the Elven Host. He expects to be paid, and they say the Elders will see them paid.

They arrive at Highpost, the Virian’haad lookout built into an ancient tree. Dead bodies are scattered about, many of which seem to have been eaten in part or in whole. They engage in a fight with a Bone Worm, and several Ghouls who are feasting on the recently dead.

After defeating the eaters of the dead, they fight their way through the undead who were occupying the massive tree. Upon arrival at the top, they find two recently dead guards. Inside the building it the tree’s strongest branches stands two massive zombies, an undead spell caster with three skulls fused together, a sickly pale humanoid. He introduces himself as Nexull, a servant of Ablorin.

The battle against the Vampire draws out. The zombies continue to rise from the dead, even after being slain. Just as Nexull seems to be wearing out, he finds renewed strength and continues to decimate the Travellers.

Frohike, trying to find the best spell in his arsenal pauses for a moment. After a long moment, he pulls the Vessel of Alura from his pack and commands the Vampire to surrender. He falls on his knees and Frohike questions him about his mission. He says that he has been ordered to cause “great fear” in the Virian’haad, thus his use of the Wraiths. Just as Nexull seems to be breaking free of his control, Liam and Lucan slay him.

The group collects the papers left by the scouts and returns to the Sanctuary.

At the Sanctuary, they are met by Elder Ganus, who berates the party for not telling the scouts to say. Liam attempts to talk back the Elder, who beats him mercilessly. Frohike informs him that the other scouts were slain by the Undead, and they show him Nexull’s head. He is greatly pleased and takes the head to put on a pike outside of the wall.

They travel to Voran, and Frohike passes out once he sits down. After recounting their tale, Voran explains to them about the Bone Witch, a powerful undead created when a seer is killed by someone looking for revenge on a prophecy fulfilled. They are rare and very powerful. He explains that he has had a feeling that the Mantle of the Death God is manifesting in a more powerful fashion than the usual manifestations.

Adventure 1, pt. 1 Opening Gambit
New Heroes and old are dealt their Fate

Written by Elder Voran of Galiwood

It is a dark day for the Sanctuary, and all goodly folks of Galiwood. Ablorin’s lieutenant, or at least one of them, marches. His undead forces have begun to attack our scouts along the Movir River. Elder Ganus feels we should reinforce his position, but I do not know if we are capable of holding them. The Eldest Tree of the Grove has served as are chief means of observing Ablorin’s Tower for centuries. Rightly so, Ganus is remiss to give it up though I am unwilling to loose more of our kin to the dead.

I sent for the Travelers, who agreed to go out and gather the scouts. They left with great fervor and haste, despite it being just the Gnome and the human. I sent Bracas, another plane-lost wanderer, after them, realizing the road would be hard. The Tiefling has dedicated himself to Hokalas and has received the God’s blessing.

Thank the Rift Keeper, the duo managed to save one of the scouting parties successfully, despite a horde of undead bearing down on the remaining three. A powerful zombie hulk had likely caused most of the damage. Bracas managed to catch them and join the fray and the raiders were returned to death.

Sending the scouts back the Sanctuary, they pressed on. Upon discovering a second scout camp, they found the party had been slain to the man. However, Wraiths rose from their slain bodies and attacked the group. The ambush almost proved successful due in no small part to the vile power of wraiths. However, a new figure arrived on the scene. An elf with the powers of the shadow arrived and lent aid to the Travelers.

He introduced himself as Lucan, a bounty hunter from the empire. Frohike’s knowledge of magic was more than sufficient to divulge his identity as an assassin. Despite their mistrust in him, they joined together to face the undead. After burying the scouts, they press on.

As the made their way though the forest, they come across a third camp. This one as dead as the last. However, a lone elven women, with long hair covering one eye, stood over the cold ashes of the fire pit. She didn’t respond to the words of the adventurers, but when Lucan approached, she gazed upon her. Her covered eye was empty, black as the moonless night. Blood ran down her face. The shock disoriented them, and they found themselves within the phantasmal cave of a Bone Witch.

The Bone Witch stood behind a table with thirteen cards spread across it. Bracas was not among them anymore. Lucan attempted to gain information about her identity, but was unsuccessful due to his foolish manner. Zedd realized that she was a Bone Witch. A Bone Witch is a terrifying undead created when an Oracle is murdered by someone who rages against their fate. Bone Witches are rare, even more so than true Oracles. Legend says that they speak Prophesies of Dire Importance.

The Bone Witch informs them that they are stand before their Fates. She offers them the knowledge of their Fate, and the power that comes with it. Lucan attempts to seduce the undead, an unwise decision. Zedd declares that he does not need to know his Fate and that Lathander’s light will protect him. Frohike remains unusually silent.

Zedd declares that he rejects her and she returns him to the Feywild, where Bracas expresses his confusion. In the Phantasm, Lucan makes light of his Fate and says that he’s Fated to Bed her. Annoyed at his ignorance, she banishes him back to the Forest.

Frohike asks what they face and why they would need to know their Fates. She says the following “False Sun raises in the Twilight. The Fate of the Mantle remains in Question, and with it does the destiny of all the worlds. In ignorance, you will doom the everything to Chaos and all will fall around it. With knowledge, it can be fought. Quietly, Frohike picks up the card in the middle of the pile. He turns it over.

He reappears in the Feywild holding the card, which he puts into a pocket. The others asked what happened, but his short with his answers. Lucan throws a fit, complaining that he wanted to see his fate. He vanishes. Zedd falls on his knees in prayer to Lathander for guidance. He shuts his eyes and begins praying for Lathander to show him the correct Path.

Lucan returns to the Phantasm, and the Witch asks him he’s serious this time and he says he was from the beginning. She tells him to accept his Fate and he says he’ll leave it up to chance then picks a random card. He looks at it, and returns to the Feywild.

As he returns, Zedd opens his eyes. He finds himself kneeling before the Table. He stands and looks at the Table. He says that he’ll pick one based on Faith. He holds his hand over the cards. One radiates with warmth. He picks it up and returns to the Feywild.

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