Vessel of Alura

A powerful Artifact of Virian'haad Origin. It seeks to be filled.


Description: A Small Urn, manufactured from Veridian Ore and set with Rubies, seems to absorb light from around it. The inside is covered in undecipherable runes made from encrusted copper. It bears the Virian word for Eternity on its lid.

Bonuses: Grants a +5 bonus to Religion checks for the purposes of identifying an undead monster.

Daily Power * Necrotic, Shadow, Arcane
Standard Action: You use the Urn to reanimate 3 skeletons (as per the Monster Manual). Once summoned, they act independently as according to the will of the Urn. You will require actual bones (or a dead body) to summon the skeletons or one ounce of Veridian Ore or Residuum to summon them.

Encounter Power * Shadow
Standard Action
Range 10
Target: 1 Undead Creature within range
Attack: Int versus Will
Hit: The Target is dominated (save ends)

Special: In addition to its normal powers, it is treated as a Mage Stone with the Undead Servitor Ritual imprinted on it.

*It was known that the Artifact empowered the artificer Kalbren with resistance to Necrotic and Radiant energy while his possession. It does not seem to have empowered Frohike in this manner.


The artifact was found in the bottom of an ancient tower in the Lost City of Faridras, located at the center of the Bloodsalt Marsh. It was set upon a pedestal surrounded by countless bones belonging to various humanoids. [[The Mercenaries]] employed by [[:Auyvir Feybane]] of the Elven Host were sent to seek it out and prevent members of the [[Silver Crusade]] from recovering it.

After defeating the Crusaders in the basement of the Tower, they attempt to grab the artifact and return to Feybane with his Multipurose Magic Orb, however the magic of the two items interferes with each other and they arrive on the Feywild. Content Not Found: Kalbren, the artificer is left in possession of the artifact, which informs him that he is its master and it seeks to be filled. After speaking with [[:Marquise Nalgax]] and undergoing a quest for him, they discover its powers over the dead. Kalbren vows to never use the artifact.

The Virian’haad of Galiwood believe the item to be cursed, leaving it with him when they are disarmed before seeing an elder of the [[Galiwood Sanctuary|Sanctuary.]] After he returns to the Mortal Coil following the defeat of the Illthid known by the pseudonym of Dolan, the Vessel remains behind hand falls into the possession of the mage, Frohike.

Vessel of Alura

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