A quriky Artificer who beared the Vessel of Alura


A Gnome in the employ of [[:Auyvir Feybane]]. He joined the Mercenaries along with the Dwarf Warrior, [[:Darrak Redhand]]. They were sent into the Bloodsalt Marshes along with [[:Frohike Fuselighter|Frohike]], [[:Zed Dawnseeker]] and [[El Minotaur|:El]]. The five of them were trapped on the Feywild by the [[:Vessel of Alura]].

Originally paranoid about the existence of a Rodent Empire, he sobered up after their teleportation and was revealed to be a competent member of the group. He, was however, in possession of the Vessel of Alura, which sought be filled. He spoke to many about the artifact, but was unable to determine anything beyond its Necromantic Abilities, which he was chastised by Zed for using.

After defeating Content Not Found: Dolan and the Silver Crusaders, he returned to the Mortal Coil. However, the Vessel remained behind and fell into the possession of his companion, Frohike.


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