A Gnomish mage seeking knowledge of the mysterious Feywild.


Class: Wizard Implement: Staff


A Gnomish Wizard from the Imperial City of Wump. He has a deep interest the Feywild, which was discovered by [[Clan Feybane]] of [[Galihadras]]. While making his way to the capital of the [[Nations|Elven Host]], he stayed overnight in the town of Dannet. Dannet fell was attacked by the [[Silver Crusade]] who were hunting [[Liah Feybane]], one of the [[Races|Eladrin]]. When the town’s Minotaur sheriff, [[El Minotaur|:El]], attacked the Crusaders, Frohike joined in the fray and subsequently joined the quest to fight the forces of the Silver Lady.

As a member of the [[Mercenaries]] he joined the mission to the Bloodsalt Marshes, where he was transported to the Feywild by the [[:Vessel of Alura]]. Finally in the realm he dreamed of leaning of, he made an even greater discovery. The Gnomish Empire, long believed to be a myth, existed on the Feywild.

Working against the Forces of the Silver Lady on the Feywild, he unraveled a conspiracy to attack [[Galiwood Sanctuary]]. He joined the Mercenaries and the loyalist Virian’haad in defending the Sanctuary from Content Not Found: Dolan, a powerful Illthid.


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