Tales of the Veridian Coast

Opening Gambit, pt. 2

On they Feywild, Vampire gets eaten by You!

After their meeting with the Bone Witch, the fourth person appears. This one another human who is under the impression the Bone Witch was offering him a chariot. Frohike and Barakas explain the nature of the Chariot, one of the cards similar to the ones the undead seer gave them. They agree to work together due to this new human, Liam, mentioning that he was travelling to work for the Elven Host. He expects to be paid, and they say the Elders will see them paid.

They arrive at Highpost, the Virian’haad lookout built into an ancient tree. Dead bodies are scattered about, many of which seem to have been eaten in part or in whole. They engage in a fight with a Bone Worm, and several Ghouls who are feasting on the recently dead.

After defeating the eaters of the dead, they fight their way through the undead who were occupying the massive tree. Upon arrival at the top, they find two recently dead guards. Inside the building it the tree’s strongest branches stands two massive zombies, an undead spell caster with three skulls fused together, a sickly pale humanoid. He introduces himself as Nexull, a servant of Ablorin.

The battle against the Vampire draws out. The zombies continue to rise from the dead, even after being slain. Just as Nexull seems to be wearing out, he finds renewed strength and continues to decimate the Travellers.

Frohike, trying to find the best spell in his arsenal pauses for a moment. After a long moment, he pulls the Vessel of Alura from his pack and commands the Vampire to surrender. He falls on his knees and Frohike questions him about his mission. He says that he has been ordered to cause “great fear” in the Virian’haad, thus his use of the Wraiths. Just as Nexull seems to be breaking free of his control, Liam and Lucan slay him.

The group collects the papers left by the scouts and returns to the Sanctuary.

At the Sanctuary, they are met by Elder Ganus, who berates the party for not telling the scouts to say. Liam attempts to talk back the Elder, who beats him mercilessly. Frohike informs him that the other scouts were slain by the Undead, and they show him Nexull’s head. He is greatly pleased and takes the head to put on a pike outside of the wall.

They travel to Voran, and Frohike passes out once he sits down. After recounting their tale, Voran explains to them about the Bone Witch, a powerful undead created when a seer is killed by someone looking for revenge on a prophecy fulfilled. They are rare and very powerful. He explains that he has had a feeling that the Mantle of the Death God is manifesting in a more powerful fashion than the usual manifestations.



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