Tales of the Veridian Coast

Adventure 8, Memories of the Past

The Memories of Past Heroes come to life...

Garrith, Frohike and Glimper begin working on a ritual to take out Wards in the Green Ruins. In order to complete it, Garrith needs the a Golden Orb from the Vault of Memories, an ancient Dwarven ruin located near the Will’s Gem, the massive lake in the Middle of the Wilds. He asks that Kallash, Zedd, and Barakus travel there and claim the Orb. He gives the a key and tells to them to be careful.

The trip does not take that long, and they find the Vault. It’s doors are unlocked, despite him giving them a key. As they travel into the Vault, they enter a large chamber decorated in Rametheon art. Murals depicting various battles by a single group. The floor is covered in a depiction of the same warriors fighting a dragon. At its center, a dais with a ghostly elf stands waiting. They ask who he is, and he introduces himself as Volker, one of the original members of the Ember Claws. He tells them that he has faced countless powerful fulls, both as a Knight of Emberclaw and as one of the mercenaries under Kateral’s command. He says that to this day, The Dragon Emberclaw still is the most terrifying. The room becomes a much larger cave and the Elven Spirit changes into the very real seeming Red Dragon.

The battle against Volker’s memory of the Dragon is difficult, but through clever tactics they manage to grasp victory. One thing that helps them defeat the dragon is that its nature makes it vulnerable to powers effective against the Undead. After the battle, the find themselves tired and exhausted, but their wounds seem to have healed. The room returns to normal, and a door has appeared in at the end of the room. They enter and find another large chamber. This one stinks of stale and dirty water. Thick fog fills the room, obscuring vision beyond a dais with a young human man standing on it. They recognize him as Kateral and he seems to be more youthful, though only slightly younger. He speaks of the Horrors he’s seen, but that the most shocking to him was his discovery that the Iron Knights had betrayed them and had been in league with his enemies. The Fog parts as the spirit fades, revealing half a dozen Iron Knights.

Vents on the floor release hot steam, burning those nearby them. The fight goes well, despite the archer using poisoned arrows to slow the holy warriors. Slowly, they cut their way though the Iron Knights. Again, the sewer fades as the battle ends. They find themselves in a Virian’haad structure, with statues carved into pillars. On an altar, a dwarf wearing armor with the Ember Claws symbol and carrying a powerful looking Hammer waits. He says that Kateral put him through hells and put him against impossible odds. But the scariest of all of his foes was the Sword…Albion.

The hardest fight yet, the Green bladed sword is wielded by a gaunt elf with blade tendrils flowing under its skin. Blood runs from its mouth and eyes. It’s silently uses its sword to beat down the holy warriors. It occasionally releases waves of black flame. Already having faced a Red Dragon and an team of unholy knights, many of their most powerful techniques had been exhausted. This was complicated by the Champion’s relentless attacks. Though they had managed to push him back, he managed to forced them between the altar and some of the pillars.

With a wave of obsidian flame, Zedd fell dead and soon Barakus was rendered unconscious. Kallash fired the final blast of Divine Power which banished The Thane’s Memory. Barakus woke up soon after…however Zedd had truly died.

Grimly, they took the Orb, using the Key to open the final door. They travel to nearby Gem and are lead by a surprised Daspien to the Thane, who returns Zedd to life. Despite his offers of food and rest, they insist upon returning to Garrith’s ritual.



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