Tales of the Veridian Coast

Adventure 7, Frozen Horizon

What secret's lie in Horizon?

After leaving Bariel, the Travelers head towards the Sanctuary. On the way, they encounter fields filled with vegetables from the Mortal Coil. They find several human, elven and Genasi farmers tending the fields. An Elven farmer directs them to speak to Vincent, a half-orc who owns one of the barns. They find the muscular, but well spoken half-orc who introduces himself and explains that they are in Horizon. Horizon is a town that exists on an artificial planar Overlay. It is run by Undiar, a Watersoul Genasi. He tells them that he’s lost his means to return, but Undiar won’t give him a new one.

They speak to Undiar, who is hostile to them. He says that he’s a business man who seeks to expand his business into the Feywild. Frohike asks if it’s dangerous to use, and he says that due to his limited number of passes (expensive magic items leased to their holders to allow them to pass between the planes) it causes very little damage to the fabric of the Planes. They ask about Vincent’s pass, and he says that he would be glad to be rid of the Redcaps who took it and would pay handsomely for the Pass’s return. He allows them to stay at his Inn, which serves as the main trade bub between the Planes.

They head out the next morning to track down to Redcaps. They wander for a bit before discovering Baracus again. He says he was hunting these monsters, as they were raiding the Sanctuary. They join forces to take them out.

Once inside the Burrows, they encounter a trap set by the Redcaps. Stones fall from roof of the cave, pinning several members of the Group to the ground. The redcaps use tactics to knock the Travelers about. Eventually, the Travelers overcome their numbers.

After taking a rest, they travel deeper into the cave, which seems to head up at an incline. The peak one ramp to see a group of redcaps along it, with a frail looking Redcap at the top, pushing a boulder over the top. The Redcaps trap the party at the bottom of the ramp, but they fall victim to the boulders. The party spreads out to avoid the boulders. Eventually, the last Redcap is defeated.

At the top of the ramp is a barbaric looking throne room, with a stone throne. A Fomorian, with its smaller eye gouged out asks what treasure they have to offer. A stormsoul Genasi advises King Garmungus to not trust the Travelers. The Shardmind is able to delay Garmungus from ordering an attack until they can launch a counter attack.

Frohike and the Shardmind use powerful spells to keep the Fomorian trapped in a storm of Ice and Thunder. The Genasi charges forward and is engaged by Baracus and Glimper, who quickly work to dispatch him. The fight against the Formorian is difficult, but eventually King Garmungus stands alone, then he too falls.

The Travelers search the Formorian for the Pass, which is found. Glimper discovers an Iron Ring which Zed quickly confiscates it. They find a missive with instructions from someone named Sahazad to undermind Undiar. He also has a Pass of his own. They decide to return to the Genasi businessman. Along the way, they return Vincent’s pass and he says he will pay them. Zedd and the Shardmind ask him to use the money to build a temple to Odin and Lathandar to commemorate the victory. They add their own gold to the project.

Undiar is given the Missives and the Ring. He tells them of the Luminal Blades, mercenaries from the Mortal Coil who Sahazad lead. Undiar offers them ownership of the Pass belonging to the late Luminal Blade as well as a large sum of gold. They accept the offer as part of their battle against the Silver Lady.

They arrive on the other side and meet Undiar’s brother, Fuegar a Firesoul Genasi. Fuegar is much more jovial than his brother. He says that they’ll probably need help fighting Sahazad. They attempt to use the orb to contact Garrith, but get Auyvir. He remind them that the Orb originally was attached to his Base in Arieglynn. He says he will inform Garrith of their mission after they finish explaining it to him.

They travel to meet Sahazad, who is well guarded with her people. They tell her that they are there to hire her, but they don’t have the money. They tell her that they need to get it. They return to Fuegar’s half of the Horizon Inn. Upon entering, Garrith sneaks up behind them, saying that with him, the witch stands no chance.



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