Tales of the Veridian Coast

Adventure 5, Lucky 7 pt 2.

Cursed Spirits in the Land of Snow

Zedd chastises Frohike for using the Vessel, but Frohike claims it was the only option left. They pause for a break in the newly purified woods. After the break, they continue towards Bariel. The weather quickly changes from that of a warm day to cold snow, however the sky remains clear. Through the snow, they see a palisade. As they get closer, the forms of several undead can be seen moving about, lead by an Elf marked with glowing red tattoos.

They launch an ambush against the undead. Frohike creates a wall of flame on the Palisade, causing it to catch. Though the ambush is effective at weakening the Ghouls outside of the Wall, from the inside come lumbering forms with bloated chests and nearly atrophied arms and legs. These bloated beasts bellow with thunderous voices, forcing back the party. Combined with the fire and acid magic of the Crimson marked Elf, they Travelers are pinned down.

As the fight grows desperate, Liam charges the tattooed Elf and drives his blades into his chest. The attack causes the spellcasting Elf to explode, vaporizing himself, save for the Runes and the Wallwalking Boots. Without the Elf, the undead fall to the ground with quaking spasms, before they finally die.

The explosion knocks everyone to the ground. As they gather the ashes of their friend, a large fellow steps from the woods. He introduces himself has Ell Kehbawng. The Goliath says that he was seeking goblin women, but ended up hear and was drawn by the sight of a large, ominous explosion. Zedd asks for some help moving debris from the gatehouse and Ell discovers a chest. The chest moves on its own.

They open it after it speaks the name of Odin in a booming voice after struggling with it for a while. Inside is a pile of cyrstals, which fly out to form a humanoid form of luminous crystal. It introduces itself and says that it is a servant of Odin. The remaining Travelers inform it and Ell what they are doing. After some discussion, they realize Frohike has gone ahead.

Meanwhile, Frohike sees Zombie hulks pulling carts full of bodies. Several weak looking zombies shuffle about the town square. A trio of the tattooed Elves seems to be directing their movements. One of them has dark green marks. As the party catches sight of Frohike, he begins his arcane assault, firing Lightning bolts into his foes. Frohike is quickly overwhelmed by the undead and is knocked out.

With the help of their new allies they manage to not only save Frohike, but wipe out the undead, along with the Red-marked Elves. The green one, seemingly weakened, begins to make his escape, but his body fails and he dies.

After taking a break, they head to the Temple of Zeus through one of the holes knocked in its walls. They find its altar corrupted. Zedd realizes that a spirit is inhabiting it. He calls the Spirit forth. The Spirit, Rotos, is rather snobbish in informing the Travelers that not only can they not destroy him, but that by banishing him they will return him to his master. He does reveal that his master holds the Staff of Caiphon. The Travelers realize it to be Ablorin.



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