Tales of the Veridian Coast

Adventure 1, pt. 1 Opening Gambit

New Heroes and old are dealt their Fate

Written by Elder Voran of Galiwood

It is a dark day for the Sanctuary, and all goodly folks of Galiwood. Ablorin’s lieutenant, or at least one of them, marches. His undead forces have begun to attack our scouts along the Movir River. Elder Ganus feels we should reinforce his position, but I do not know if we are capable of holding them. The Eldest Tree of the Grove has served as are chief means of observing Ablorin’s Tower for centuries. Rightly so, Ganus is remiss to give it up though I am unwilling to loose more of our kin to the dead.

I sent for the Travelers, who agreed to go out and gather the scouts. They left with great fervor and haste, despite it being just the Gnome and the human. I sent Bracas, another plane-lost wanderer, after them, realizing the road would be hard. The Tiefling has dedicated himself to Hokalas and has received the God’s blessing.

Thank the Rift Keeper, the duo managed to save one of the scouting parties successfully, despite a horde of undead bearing down on the remaining three. A powerful zombie hulk had likely caused most of the damage. Bracas managed to catch them and join the fray and the raiders were returned to death.

Sending the scouts back the Sanctuary, they pressed on. Upon discovering a second scout camp, they found the party had been slain to the man. However, Wraiths rose from their slain bodies and attacked the group. The ambush almost proved successful due in no small part to the vile power of wraiths. However, a new figure arrived on the scene. An elf with the powers of the shadow arrived and lent aid to the Travelers.

He introduced himself as Lucan, a bounty hunter from the empire. Frohike’s knowledge of magic was more than sufficient to divulge his identity as an assassin. Despite their mistrust in him, they joined together to face the undead. After burying the scouts, they press on.

As the made their way though the forest, they come across a third camp. This one as dead as the last. However, a lone elven women, with long hair covering one eye, stood over the cold ashes of the fire pit. She didn’t respond to the words of the adventurers, but when Lucan approached, she gazed upon her. Her covered eye was empty, black as the moonless night. Blood ran down her face. The shock disoriented them, and they found themselves within the phantasmal cave of a Bone Witch.

The Bone Witch stood behind a table with thirteen cards spread across it. Bracas was not among them anymore. Lucan attempted to gain information about her identity, but was unsuccessful due to his foolish manner. Zedd realized that she was a Bone Witch. A Bone Witch is a terrifying undead created when an Oracle is murdered by someone who rages against their fate. Bone Witches are rare, even more so than true Oracles. Legend says that they speak Prophesies of Dire Importance.

The Bone Witch informs them that they are stand before their Fates. She offers them the knowledge of their Fate, and the power that comes with it. Lucan attempts to seduce the undead, an unwise decision. Zedd declares that he does not need to know his Fate and that Lathander’s light will protect him. Frohike remains unusually silent.

Zedd declares that he rejects her and she returns him to the Feywild, where Bracas expresses his confusion. In the Phantasm, Lucan makes light of his Fate and says that he’s Fated to Bed her. Annoyed at his ignorance, she banishes him back to the Forest.

Frohike asks what they face and why they would need to know their Fates. She says the following “False Sun raises in the Twilight. The Fate of the Mantle remains in Question, and with it does the destiny of all the worlds. In ignorance, you will doom the everything to Chaos and all will fall around it. With knowledge, it can be fought. Quietly, Frohike picks up the card in the middle of the pile. He turns it over.

He reappears in the Feywild holding the card, which he puts into a pocket. The others asked what happened, but his short with his answers. Lucan throws a fit, complaining that he wanted to see his fate. He vanishes. Zedd falls on his knees in prayer to Lathander for guidance. He shuts his eyes and begins praying for Lathander to show him the correct Path.

Lucan returns to the Phantasm, and the Witch asks him he’s serious this time and he says he was from the beginning. She tells him to accept his Fate and he says he’ll leave it up to chance then picks a random card. He looks at it, and returns to the Feywild.

As he returns, Zedd opens his eyes. He finds himself kneeling before the Table. He stands and looks at the Table. He says that he’ll pick one based on Faith. He holds his hand over the cards. One radiates with warmth. He picks it up and returns to the Feywild.



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