Tales of the Veridian Coast

Adventure 9, Crisis of Faith

Garrith's Secret is Revealed

The Ritual is completed, and the Wards in the Green Ruins are disabled. Garrith opens a portal to the Green Ruins. They find the gates barred and hasty wards constructed. Before they can be undone, several portals appear and several Genasi appear and begin to attack. Garrith uses powerful Blood Magic to wound several of the Genasi. Despite the power of Garrith’s magic, the Genasi are tenacious foes. The portals remain open, and Garrith and Frohike take to undoing the Portals to prevent more Genasi from exiting.

Once the portals are sealed, the party focuses its literal fire power on the remaining Genasi, who is clearly a servant of the Silver Lady. They collect their fallen foe’s gear, and dismantle the Wards by smashing the Stormsoul’s Iron Ring with a mace against the Gates. The Gates blow open from the release of magic. On the other side, local militia bravely faces the party, though they are terrified of their displays of power. Kallash uses a booming voice heard nearly across the Ruins, scaring any resistance into hiding in fear.

They proceeded into the headquarters of the Luminal Blades. Sahazad stands defiant, taunting the Travelers and Garrith to strike her down. Frohike, Garrith, and Kallash oblige, catching her and most of her forces in a wave of Ice Storms, Blood magic, colorful rays and booming Thunder. Within two minutes, the battle is over. Sahazad is dead.

They take a moment to rest then search for further activity of the Silver Lady’s followers. On the mercenary leader, they find a letter from Diane Fuselighter, detailing a plan to assault Ablorin’s Tower. As Garrith turns to leave, they find Benyar standing in the door. He demands that Garrith hand over the Mantle. Frohike passes out from being overwhelmed by the Vessel’s Hunger. The Travelers are confused by the meaning of his demand and Garrith tells him that he is one of the Mantlebearers. Kallash suggests that Garrith should hand over his piece and thus his life to restore Benyar to divinity as his Mantle was stolen from him by his murderer. Garrith retorts that by his logic, Benyar killing him for his divine power would be just as wrong. He says that he believes that there is no need for a God of Death, as the Mortal Coil has gotten along fine without one. Kallash stands down, leaving it up to him and Benyar to decide what to do. They lock eyes for what seems to be a lifetime. Benyar looks away, guilt crosses his faith. He silently turns around and leaves. Garrith lets out a deep breath and then leaves as well.

The Party returns to Unidar and Fuegar, who pay them the bounty for killing Sahazad. They leave for the Sanctuary and Inform Elder Voran about Diane’s plans.



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