You have come to the homepage of the Veridian Coast Campaign Setting. I’m ZeonsGhost, the GM of this fine setting. Originally, it was created by my good friend Andy I aka Andy the Greater and the heroic tales of the Veridian Coast continue by my hand. Currently, the wiki is under construction and will be adding stuff as the days go on. If you want to take a look, start here:. Inside is the basics of the setting.


The Veridian Coast setting is a setting used over three gaming systems, 2nd Edition D&D, HackMaster 4th Edition, and now 4th Edition D&D. It will likely spin-off back into HackMaster once the new edition’s advanced books come out.

As for the world itself, it is a world where belief equates to power. The more people believe in something, or someone, the more powerful that thing becomes. This lead to the rise of countless powerful beings that came to be called gods. However, these fledgling deities did not agree on a great many things, and thus war broke out between the gods. Lines were drawn, and then crossed. Again and again.

All that ended when the God of Death, whose name is lost to history, was slain. The effects were felt immediately. Many gods fell from the heavens, mortal again. Mortal beings were mutated into horrid abominations. The dead rose and begun to stalk and feast on the still living. The Death of the Death God brought about the end of the rules to what defined life and death.

However, there was a positive effect of their death: Heroes. Those who could bend rules of mortality. Grievous and terrible wounds would heal within days or sometimes less. Their might was that of ten men, able to sunder their foes with immeasurable strength. They were stronger, smarter, and faster than mere mortals.

Thus, the Age of Wandering Gods is over. The Age of Heroes reigns, as it has for nearly three Elven Generations.

Tales of the Veridian Coast

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